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Episode 3: Mike Littell

Episode 3: Mike Littell

Justin Lauersdorf, Staff Writer April 6, 2021
Listen to Mr. Littell talk about St. X from the advancement side of things. As a man who helped pioneer the Project X and X Effect campaigns, he sheds light on what is done behind the scenes to help this school to be the special place that it is.
Episode 2: Bill Bornschein

Episode 2: Bill Bornschein

Carson Stockdale March 5, 2021
Listen to Mr. Bornschein go back in time to the 70s, where he reminisces about his time growing up in Fern Creek and making his way into the halls of Saint Xavier. He compares school eras, shares fond memories, and opens up about his revelatory Christian Awakening retreat and the impact it had on his life's journey. 
Episode 1: Coach Mike Glaser

Episode 1: Coach Mike Glaser

Carson Stockdale, Student Editor February 5, 2021
Listen to Coach Glaser reminisce about his time at St. X as a student, player, coach, and English teacher. He shares his passions for his alma mater and digs deep into what makes the school so special. He even reveals who his all time favorite player is...

Quarantine Reflection

Jacob Blincoe, Junior May 15, 2020
Honestly, before the quarantine, I felt like I was drowning. I had so many obligations to fulfill and places to be. I felt like I was going a million miles a second. Every second spent not doing anything was a second wasted. Quarantine has given me time to do nothing. It slowed down my chaotic life, and honestly I am thankful for that.

Dear Future Self

Nico Showalter, Sophomore May 15, 2020
I hope this letter will remind you of the importance of those people closest to you and the memories you make with them.

Pandemic Journal

Erik Benvie, Sophomore May 15, 2020
Quarantine hit like a flash. We were all dismissed from class, excited, and thinking that school was over early. That was definitely not the case. One minute I was in school, the next I was doing work from home.

Dear Future Self

Eli Vap, Sophomore May 15, 2020
When you think ahead into your future you never can imagine something like what you went through in 2020. I never could even comprehend the fact that you would be taking classes from home for two months and be alone besides the few interactions with family each day.


Patrick Johnson , Junior May 15, 2020
I should be happy about the moments I have with the people around me, cherish the present instead of wishing for the future, and see every moment in life as something I get to do rather than something I have to do.

Letter to Myself

Sam Mattingly, Junior May 13, 2020
We’re all struggling now, but I can’t wait to get out of this pickle as soon as possible. Please don’t forget what you were a part of. After all, you will need stories to tell your kids and grandkids. Why not start here?

Letter to Future Students

Greyson Wintergerst, Junior May 13, 2020
You might remember this time as either the era of online classes or relaxation in a seemingly never-ending period of homebodies in solitude. However, as a junior at St. Xavier High School, I have spent much of this time in deep reflection of the world around me and the purpose for which I drive incessantly through life.

My COVID-19 Approach

Harrison Browning , Junior May 13, 2020
It is easier to dominate this isolation with the support of those you care about.

Saint Xavier’s Response to Non-Traditional Instruction

Jackson Clark, Staff Writer May 13, 2020
What I thought would be a dream come true has turned into an absolute nightmare.
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