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Top 5 Flik Desserts

Easily the best aspect of the food that Flik serves is the desserts. Today, I will be ranking the top five desserts that I’ve had here at St. X. This list only contains desserts that can be found routinely, with the exception of one of my seasonal favorite desserts.

Seasonal Favorite

The pumpkin pie is easily the rarest item on this list, but in my opinion, it is one of the most delicious. Through my entire life, pumpkin pie has been a staple of Thanksgiving, Halloween, and Christmas, and Flik’s version doesn’t disappoint. The next time that you see the pumpkin pie in the lunch line, make sure to get it because it won’t be there for long. However, it’s not a regular item, so I did not include it in the top five.

5. Muffins

In my opinion, the muffins that Flik makes are pretty good, but I don’t see myself getting them as a dessert option at lunch. They are usually produced for breakfast, but they can also commonly be found during lunch. There are multiple flavors of these muffins, and I think that the blueberry ones are the best. I definitely recommend trying them, but I do not love them as a dessert at lunch.


4. Cakes

There are various different cakes that Flik makes, and these cakes change every few days. In my opinion, these cakes are largely hit or miss, and it really depends on which cakes are in the cycle. Don’t get me wrong, there have been some delicious cakes in the past, but as a whole, they are just solid.


3. Small Cookies

Similarly with the cakes, the small cookies are also either amazing or just okay. There are three to four main types (green sugar cookies, chocolate chip, snickerdoodle, and M&M) of these cookies, which really make or break if the cookie is good. My favorite of these is the newest type, the green sugar cookies that are found both in both sides of the cafeteria. However, when these cookies are soft and fresh, they could easily be the best dessert found at St. X.


2. Brownie

The brownie is easily one of the most delicious and consistent desserts Flik serves. They are now a regular dessert found on both sides of the cafeteria, but they are much better at the deli line. Whenever the pretzel machine in the deli line is on, the brownies become very warm and melted, which makes them one of my favorite desserts. These brownies are also delicious when microwaved, especially if you eat them with ice cream.


1. Jumbo Cookie

The jumbo cookie is easily my favorite dessert at lunch. Just like the brownie, the jumbo cookie is extremely consistent, and I’ve only had one or two that I didn’t love. Another similarity this cookie shares with the brownie is its location. It can also be found in the deli line next to the pretzel machine. However, the jumbo cookie is even better when it is melted by the pretzel machine. The next time you see that the pretzel machine is on, make sure to take a look at the jumbo cookies because they are usually melted to perfection.

About the Contributor
Bram Long
Bram Long, Staff Writer

Bram is a junior at St. X and is an active member in the Clay Club. Every Sunday night, he can be seen tossing bags with his dad at St. Pats, dominating the competition. When he is not up at St. Pats, his Sundays are spent watching the Bengals lose. He loves watching movies and playing video games, especially anything Star Wars related. 

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