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Top Ten Rappers From Louisville

February 9, 2023

Over the years, few cities have risen amongst the ranks of countless others as having the greatest rappers emerge from their own respective city. Louisville never happens to be on any of these lists. For this reason, the rappers trying to make it out of woodworks from Louisville get little to no exposure unless it’s coming out of their own pockets. Not that this list will bring unprecedented exposure, but I view some as better than none. I have taken it upon myself to take my personal opinions and put them into a top ten list below:

Honorable Mention: Troy Money

Although Troy Money is from Bowling Green, Ky, making him ineligible for this particular list, I think he deserves a spot somewhere on here. Troy comes with a very different approach than most of the guys on this list. For one, he is much older and this directly reflects his music. If you’re looking for hard hitting lyrics, this is your guy. If I had to compare him to any rapper I would say Nipsey Hussle, the King of Crenshaw. With even Nipsey’s mural in LA making an appearance in Troy’s song “Mamba Mentality”.

Honorable Mention: Bryson Tiller

Bryson Tiller’s has proven his skill to be undeniable over the years. Where I don’t see his skill is in rapping though. I feel as if Bryson Tiller is more of a singer now, and even going back a few years I would say the same. I think his best songs are slow and steady; if you want a guy who can sing then this is your guy. Not that Tiller hasn’t made some good rap songs over the years, but the majority are not.

10: RickyRicardo

Ricky Ricardo is an artist I’ve just started listening to; with this being said, I think he shows a lot of promise. With not a lot of music released, despite having a few years under his belt, I couldn’t put him much higher on this list. Ricky delivers a more angelic approach with good lyrics, but I think his voice is what the fans gravitate towards.

9: YNIC Baby J

YNIC Baby J is a rapper that has just recently taken rapping seriously. Jj was at one time a St. X Tiger. Similar to Ricky he doesn’t have too much music released, so I can’t go any higher than the nine spot. Where Baby J differs from a lot of these rappers is experience. He is the youngest of the rappers of the list and is only improving with each track. There is also rumored to be a Noodah05 feature on the way.

8: BBlasian 

BBlasian was one of my favorite rappers back in the sandbox days, but since then the spotlight around him has died down. With BBlasian dropping less and less music over the years, it has done nothing good for his legacy, but most were listening to him at some point or another. I can remember vividly listening to “Sleepless” as a young lad. With this being said, I think BBlasian is past his prime, but I think he deserves a spot on this list nonetheless.

7: Markie 

Markie is an artist I was never aware existed until about last week, and I’m glad I found him. Similar to BBlasian it would seem most of his hits are from a few years back. Not that this takes away from his skill, but it shows he is possibly past his prime. Markie’s spot is higher on this list because he shows that he’s able to tackle multiple flows on very different beats. Him being a very eclectic artist goes a long way on this list, especially due to complacency in other artists that he has never showed.

6: TGE Lu Mike 

TGE Lu Mike is one of my personal favorite artist from the city. This could be due to his uncanny resemblance to sounding like EST Gee on records, or it could be because he sounds very calm yet confident. The way Mike flows on the beat is something that will certainly grab your attention. Hard hitting beats with a cool calm and collected flow: what is there not to like?

5: Lil 30 

Lil 30 is an artist that seems to be able to flow on every beat. I was honestly surprised with the variety of beats I was hearing from this man’s music. Usually artists find one flow or beat and stick with it, but this couldn’t be further from the truth with Lil 30. He comes with a very energetic energy towards the music, which I think entices a large crowd of people.

4: Hblocc Duke

Duke is one of the most contagious artists on this list. A very versatile artist overall, has shown his willingness to switch from his traditional flow. The beats he uses are very playful and upbeat, even scoring a song with Rio Da Yung OG. When you listen to him it’ll leave you wondering what he’ll come with next–a very unpredictable artist. 


2KBABY is a very nostalgic artist for me, I remember listening in third or fourth grade when his name was Lil 5age. To say he’s come a long way is an understatement. From his songs with Lil Zayo to where he is now is a world of difference. Not only does he rap, I would almost describe his style as singing to an extent. If you like an artist who can sing and rap, this is your guy.

2: Jack Harlow

What can I say that you don’t already know. I think his most recent album was honestly subpar, that’s why I couldn’t put him at number one. I feel as if Jack is going away from what got him here. Not that he’s not still gaining traction, but I think his demographic is going through a huge change.

1: EST Gee

EST Gee has proven to be a force to be reckoned with. Over the past few years he’s stayed true to his game; on a few occasions he tries to sing. I think his singing is subpar while his rapping is quite literally second to none on this list, a lyrical wizard if you will. And what’s more, he graduated from Saint Xavier High School. I think he has an incredible play on words with insane production from ForeverRollin.

It’s clear to see that Louisville has some talent that ranks in the upper echelon. Some have made their stamp on the rap game, some haven’t and that’s why I want to help. I want to see everyone win, I want to spread publicity even if it’s only ten people. I hope each and every one of these guys’ futures are bright and long. These guys have inspired me and I know if you give them a chance, they can inspire you.

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