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Many options wait down at the bottom of Poplar Level Road

Top Food Places Around St. X

Ben Howard, Staff Writer September 8, 2022
Personally, I am as hungry as a whale after the school day. A lot of times, we as students have to kill time before a practice, game or event and need to get some food. As school cafeteria lines are very packed after school, we naturally expand our scope of food options to the restaurants around campus.  Here are some places that I recommend for our hungry after-school student population:
These three St. X legends just so happen to be some of my favorite teachers

Jack Koenig’s Top Teachers

Jack Koenig, Staff Writer August 31, 2022
Did you look at your schedule and wonder how a teacher will affect your school year? If you have these three teachers, I can guarantee, you will have a phenomenal experience in the class. These teachers have made my Saint Xavier experience memorable. 
Lunchtime is one of the few times we can truly game without the fear of being jugged

Best iPad Games to Play in Lunch

Ben Howard, Staff Writer August 30, 2022
Ms. Sample has allowed us to have games on our iPads to play during lunch. Do you get bored during lunch, or finished you homework with nothing to do? These games I have selected could be good games to play to pass the time. 
Decisions, decisions. Is this the year the buff chick is dethroned?

Top 5 Flik Entrees

Tommy Scanlan, Staff Writer August 29, 2022
Saint Xavier lunch is one of, if not the most, anticipated class of the day for all students. The real question is what do you want for your 45-minute heavenly break. Today I will be tackling the five most loved Flik entrees. 
Big Sean is our first Thursday Featured artist of the semester

Sam’s Throwback Thursday

Sam Hayward, Staff Writer August 25, 2022
In a year dominated by “Watch Me” by Silento, let’s take a look at some good rap from 2015.
Sky and Joey’s Time Capsule

Sky and Joey’s Time Capsule

Sky Kustes and Joey Maier May 27, 2022
Thank you all for the hallway conversations, views, likes, shares, and most of all, thank you for reading. You have given us a place to share our passions and talk about the things we love, as the final words of this article are laid out, we are truly grateful to Saint Xavier and all our amazing readers (that’s you).
Splash Screen Mashup

The Spring Anime Season

Darren Davis, Staff Writer May 27, 2022
Since the drought of anime caused by 2020, we haven't had one bad season of anime, and this spring simulcast was taking notes. Even after the insanity of last season with juggernauts like Demon Slayer and Attack on Titan, a show has still found a way to take the spotlight. I’ve been looking at three particular anime this season, and their developments have all certainly been interesting.
The movie’s title screen

A Sunken Tokyo

Darren Davis, Staff Writer May 16, 2022
Overall, Bubbles is a good movie that’s pretty much only held back by the current high standards of anime. Three years ago, this movie definitely could’ve been much, but as of now, it’s originality isn’t enough to carry it to the top. Watching it isn’t really necessary with better movies out there like Your Name or any Ghibli film, but if you’ve been over-saturated with anime’s sameness, this could be a nice break.
Best Jewelry In Rap

Best Jewelry In Rap

Ryan Prestigiacomo, Staff Writer May 12, 2022
Jewelry is something that comes in all shapes and sizes, all different price ranges, and all different quantities.
Sonic 2 Promo

A Video Game Movie Done Right

Darren Davis, Staff Writer May 9, 2022
I don’t think that Sonic 2 is the best movie ever made or even close to that. It has numerous problems and leans a bit too much into “for kids” rather than “for everyone., but it’s still a great flick. Sonic 2 is hopefully the beginning of many meaningful and impressive movie adaptations of games.
Sky and Joey’s Final Throwback Thursday

Sky and Joey’s Final Throwback Thursday

Sky Kustes and Joey Maier May 5, 2022
Yesterday was our last day of senior year. Collectively, Sky and I are getting slightly emotional. To celebrate, we are going all the way back to 2019, the year we were freshmen. This is music we were bumping to when we were children. 
Album Review: Awaken, My Love! by Childish Gambino

Album Review: “Awaken, My Love!” by Childish Gambino

Joey Maier, Staff Writer April 29, 2022
With the fourth quarter nearly halfway finished and the weather finally warming up, you need the perfect songs for the upcoming season. Certain albums sound better during spring and summer, and this is definitely one. I’ve listened to Awaken, My Love! front and back multiple times and here is my honest opinion regarding the songs on the album. 
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