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St. X’s Best Classrooms


You have seen little bits and pieces of our school, but you have never had an expert show you around our beautiful classrooms…

#5 The Art Studios

The art studios here at St. X are some of the coolest classes you will ever see. The ceramics room has two big windows and a skylight that let all of the natural light flood the room. The photography and visual arts classrooms don’t have big windows, but they do both have a skylight. All of the rooms are covered in art pieces that were made earlier in the year. That’s not even it: all three of these rooms have stools to sit on instead of regular chairs.

#4 Dr. Hinton’s Room in Flaget Hall

Doctor Hinton may just look like he has a basic classroom setup. Let me tell you how it feels to sit in this natural lit classroom. This class really does have a nice vibe when you walk into it. You see all of the chemistry posters, the periodic table, and his pure water experiment right when you walk in the door.

#3 Mr. AJ Glaser’s Classroom

Although I didn’t get to experience this classroom this year, I did last year and boy can I tell you, this classroom is a great place to have a nice, focused class. The way that Mr. Glaser has the desks set up will keep you locked in the whole time. On top of that, Mr. Glaser’s energy will surely keep you engaged.

#2 Dr. Nolan’s Classroom

In Dr. Nolans class, there are all kinds of things to keep you occupied. The decorations in that class are top notch, not only because of how cool they are, but also because of how they cover every wall. Something else that not too many teachers do here at St. X is turn the lights off during class; let me tell you right now, that is not the case in room 118.

#1 Horton Hall

Horton hall is without a doubt the best classroom in all of St. X. This beautiful classroom has three different levels and can fit at least 60 students at one time. Although it technically is called the lecture hall, this room is used for study hall and the occasional presentation. You are so comfortable wherever you are sitting in that class.

About the Contributor
Cooper Furlong
Cooper Furlong, Staff Writter
Cooper is a current junior at St. Xavier. Cooper is an advocate for the PGA Tour and looks down on the recently created LIV Tour. This guy could spend weeks watching the PGA, Star Wars, and more golf on YouTube. Cooper very deeply admires the color Baby Blue.
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