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Week 2 Intramural Basketball Rankings

Red team drains a three against the blue team (Jake Varga)

Week two came with a lot of twists and turns, while the top teams remained strong. Many teams proved that they are here to compete with anyone, and they showed the many talented players in the league. As the league progresses, it seems that anybody could take home the title this year. 

#1 Team Yates (2-0)

Team Yates remains on top this week after an absolute dogfight against team England. Going down by as many as 11, they pulled themselves together and rallied to win the game in the final seconds. They showed that even when having a bad performance they can come together and get it done. 


#2 Team Klein (3-0)

Team Klein stays in the number #2 spot after taking down Team Davis in the matchup of the week. They showed they are a top team in this league, and are nearing Team Yates for the number 1 spot. 


#3 Team England (0-2)

Although 0-2, Team England has proven that they can play with anybody. First, they lost to team Klein in a hard fought battle by one point. Next, they had Team Yates on the ropes before they started a comeback which resulted in a close loss. They proved that they can hang with any team on any day. 


#4  Team Davis (1-1)

Team Davis dropped a spot after a hard fought battle against Team Klein in the matchup of the week. Star guard for the team Jack Wheeler told me if he didn’t go 2-10 it would’ve been a whole different ball game. In a close loss, they showed they are still one of the best teams in this league, and can compete at the highest level. 


#5 Team Jackson (2-1)

After losing in their first week to Team Barry, Team Jackson had to respond with a win. They had a double header this weekend and won both of the games. They proved that they are still a solid team, but had to drop in the rankings because the team ahead of them proved more. 


#6 Team Buse (1-1)

After losing their first week to Team Klein, Team Buse responded by winning against Team Barry. Team Barry was the sleeper team of last week who beat Team Jackson. This was a great win for Team Buse, bringing them into the #6 spot for this week. 


#7 Team Barry (1-1)

From winning against Team Jackson, to dropping a game to Team Buse, this team has landed in the #7 spot. Their team is still very solid and competes with any team in this league, but they need to comeback this week with a strong win. 


#8 Team Mayer (0-2) 

Team Mayer has been struggling this year, but we saw a glimpse of improvement and hope from them with a close loss against Team Jackson. They need to continue to play like that to try and get a win on the board. 


#9 Team Pinkerton (0-2)

Team Pinkerton rounds out this list at the #9 spot. Although they haven’t won a game yet, they have a lot of athletic players on their team. With minor improvements, they could very well start winning games in this league. 

Matchup of the Week: #3 Team Davis vs #5 Team Jackson


About the Contributor
Joe Karem, Staff Writer
Joe is a senior at St. X. He loves hanging with the fellas. He is a 3x intramural basketball champ and a 1x intramural flag football champ. Joe is a massive U of L fan. He believes Lamar is the greatest player of all time.  
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