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Top 5 Bucket Getters in Faculty Game

Ah, the highly-anticipated St. X faculty basketball game. The yearly tradition where teachers, who are probably too far past their prime to play basketball, play basketball. This game has cemented teachers’ names in history: Mr. Caudill’s game winning shot, Sweet and Spicy shooting the lights out, and many more. Which teachers this year will cement their names in the Xaverian history books?

5: Mr. Doherty: (Pro Comp–Anthony Davis)

An absolute physical specimen. Although he’s in the five spot, he could easily be the best player on the court. It’s just hard to give him a top three spot with it being his first appearance in the game. The former D-1 athlete has the potential to be great and a difference maker in this game.

4: Mr. Durbin: (Pro Comp–Ricky Rubio)

Mr. Durbin is a high IQ, high motor player. A great teammate that finds the open man, but can score when he needs to. Although he may not be a flashy player, he plays the game the way it was meant to be played.

3: Professor Estephan: (Pro Comp–Al Horford)

The Brofessor is a certified big man. Last year was nothing but domination, racking up numerous boards and locking down his offensive opponents. We’re expecting big things this year from Big E; he has the potential to steal the first annual MVP.

2: Mr. Caudill: (Pro Comp–Shai Gilgous Alexander)

One shot, fate of the universe on the line or the martians have the death beam pointed at earth you better hit it. I WANT MR. CAUDILL. Mr. Caudill can score on all three levels. Also, he leads St. X teachers in badges: HOF Clutch Shooter, HOF Green Machine, HOF Range Extender, and Gold Floor General.

1: Mr. Yarborough: Pro Comp–Dirk Nowitski

There are three certainties in life: Death, Taxes, and Mr. Yarborough getting buckets. Mr. Y’s basketball game is just as versatile as his music skills. He can shoot, facilitate, drive to the rim, put you in a jail cell on defense, and has a post game as wet as the Ohio River. When people tell Mr. Y his basketball career is fading away, he puts his back to his opponents and drains a fadeaway.

MVP Picks

Colin: Mr. Durbin
Eli: Mr. Estephan

Final Score Prediction

Colin: 42-28 (underclassmen)
Eli: 35-33 (upperclassmen)

Will Mr. Y and Mr. Caudill continue their reign as the top dawgs in the annual Faculty Game? Will the new faces like Doherty or Gottbrath take over the game? All our questions will be answered during this highly anticipated matchup on Wednesday in the Stern Gymnasium.

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Eli Winsted, Staff Writer
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Nah, it’s just Eli. He’s a goat between the foul poles, an avid “sneakerhead,” finds enjoyment in watching Black Panther, and dabbles with a fresh glass of lemonade once in a while. He makes a living playing fantasy football, making $700 this year on that alone, and spends most of his days in his tiny Ford Fiesta driving to the Hoosier state to visit his lovely girlfriend.
Colin Duncan, Staff Writer
Colin Duncan has a masters degree in ball. He is the reigning bowl mania champ. One time bee sting survivor. Also Colin plays Stick n puck for Saint X.    
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