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St. X vs Trinity 21st Century Rivalry

William Lewis

As an athlete and student in the class of 2024, I wondered about the St. X versus Trinity rivalry — one of the most historic at the high school level. Although I haven’t been around to witness the entirety of the rivalry since its beginning, I researched what it has looked like in my lifetime. Compiled below are the stats of the rivalry in soccer, baseball, basketball, and football in the twenty-first century.

These sports were chosen because they had accurate stats on the KHSAA website and these sports had annual head-to-head competitions.


Thus far, in the twenty-first century the pitch has been dominated by the Tigers.

Class of 2024 Head-to-Head: Tigers 4 — Shamrocks 0 (two ties)

Overall Head-to-Head: Tigers 19 — Shamrocks 12

State Championships: Tigers 12 —Shamrocks 0


On the diamond, the Tigers and Rocks have been on a relatively even ground.

Class of 2024 Head-to-Head: Shamrocks 5 — Tigers 3

Head-to-Head: Shamrocks 20 — Tigers 17

State Championships: Tigers 4 — Shamrocks  1


In the twenty-first century the Shamrocks have had the upper hand on the court, but in recent years the Tigers have been clawing back.

Class of 2024 Head-to-Head: Shamrocks 5 — Tigers 4

Overall Head-to-Head: Shamrocks 25 — Tigers 13

State Championships: Shamrocks 2 — Tigers 0


The Shamrocks have handled the Tigers thus far in the twenty-first century, but the Tigers and Shamrocks have gone neck and neck the past few seasons.

Class of 2024 Head-to-Head: Shamrocks 4 – Tigers 2

Overall Head-to-Head: Shamrocks 27 — Tigers 11

State Championships: Shamrocks 16 – Tigers 3


About the Contributors
Patrick Masterson
Patrick Masterson, Staff Writer
Patrick Masterson is a varsity lacrosse player. Patrick also enjoys watching the Baltimore Ravens, Louisville Cardinals and Notre Dame Fighting Irish. He is also a Star Wars advocate, and his favorite movie in the series is "Revenge of the Sith". Another interesting milestone about him is that he is notoriously known for catching the biggest bass at Sawmill Lake in Indiana.
William Lewis
William Lewis, Photographer
William Lewis is an avid golf player. He loves to throw down a wager as he only plays good when there’s something on the line. He also believes UK will win the college football playoffs. He is extremely excited to get his max contract extension with the xavier news team.
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