Becoming Involved


Nick Everette , Staff Writer

When I was a freshman, I was told when I walked through the door my first day that I should never get to St. X at 7:50 and leave at exactly 2:50. There are so many different ways to get involved. There are tons of sports that are non-cut, making it a lot easier to play. There are intramurals and clubs available for freshmen all the way to seniors. Getting involved can be hard, but St. X provides many opportunities to get involved and build the brotherhood.

The first way to get involved is through the athletics. There are many t baseball, basketball, and soccer which are usually pretty hard to make. You should still try out by all means but don’t beat yourself up if you don’t make it. Swimming, football, Cross country are among the many no cut sports that St.X offers. Being a part of a sports team is a great way to make friends and learn from your peers. You can also become a manager of a team if you are not the best at the sport, but like being a part of the team.

Intramurals have become a staple at St.X. Offering kickball, basketball, soccer, golf and a few others there is no reason why you shouldn’t form a team. They usually consist of one or two days of playing, and that’s it. You can form your own team or if you don’t know enough people to make a team then we can add you to a team. Basketball is the biggest intramural, spanning over about a 2-month period with at least six games being played per team.

There are just about 60 clubs at St.X right now and that number is growing every year. Students will come up with their own idea for a club and all they have to do it take it to a teacher or faculty member and get it approved and there is a new club at St.X. You should join/form a club at St.X because it is a great way to meet classmates who have the same interests as you.
During the school day you can take electives, which are classes that you can pick things you like. If you are into art or theater but can’t stay after school, it is a great opportunity to meet people like you and stay involved. Lunch is also a great way because there are so many people in each young that you are bound to become friends with someone.

At the end of the day you should never go a whole year or even one week at St.X not being involved because you will not be getting the full experience. If you are having trouble coming up with ideas, go to a teacher or classmate and they will be able to help you succeed in your high school experience.