How to Drive in the Winter

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Driving in the Winter can be dangerous and inconvenient. According to the Federal Highway Administration, 1,259,000 accidents occur annually as a result of the cold weather.

While anyone is susceptible to unfortunate circumstances, teenagers are especially at risk due to their lack of experience. During the treacherous icy months, all drivers should be mindful of these five tips and precautionary measures.

Get Enough Sleep

Driving drowsy is already incredibly dangerous to yourself and others on the roadway. Icy pavement conditions intensify this danger. By ensuring we get enough rest, we have a better chance of making better judgement and staying alert at the wheel. If you consistently fail to get adequate sleep, carpooling with a friend or taking a quick shot of espresso might just save a life. Before getting your tires between the lines, experts recommend taking at least 30 minutes to fully wake up. This time could be used to scrape off the windshield or wait for a cup of coffee to brew.

Drive Slow and Be Aware

By moving at slower speeds, you will have more control of your vehicle. Too many accidents are caused by drivers not regulating their speeds responsibly. With slick roads, tires need a better grip to maintain safety.

Make Sure Your Car Functions Properly

You should always be up to date with everything in your car. The winter months are not a good time to have issues because slippery surfaces will intensify any problems. Without a properly functioning vehicle, you pose a danger to yourself and everyone else on the road. In addition, you should always be aware of how much gas you have in your car. It is important to have adequate fuel levels because you never know when you could be stuck in highway traffic for hours.

Don’t Hit the Brakes

The steering wheel is going to be more important than the brakes in the winter. A sudden kick on the brakes can make your wheels lose traction, resulting in less control for the driver. This will make you a danger to the other drivers on the road. Slamming on the brakes through ice will jolt the vehicle’s momentum forward and you will lose control.