Football Postseason Preview

Will McGlincy , Staff Writer

The 2019 Saint Xavier Tiger football team, led by head coach Kevin Wallace, had a good regular season, but there are high expectations for this year’s playoffs. This year, the Tigers finished second in their district behind Manual. Going into the first week of the playoffs, the Tigers are coming off of a narrow loss against Cincinnati Saint Xavier. But in many people’s opinion, the final three quarters of the game were the best the Tigers have played all season. With this positive momentum, the Tigers look to make a run at a 6A Kentucky State Championship.


Over the course of the season, the Tigers have improved in many areas, but Coach Wallace was focused on the team aspect and not necessarily worrying about the results on the field. Wallace said, “Team chemistry has improved over the course of the season and I like how our team has stayed together and how our work ethic has improved.” 


Coach Wallace says the key to our postseason is, “Do the little things right. We have to win turnover margins, and perform well on special teams.” He still focused on the bigger parts of the game and said, “We have to move the ball against good defenses, and stop long passing attacks.” 


Coach Wallace’s main focus for the playoffs is the health of the players. “We have to make sure we get to Friday healthy,” he said. The Tigers have taken many precautionary measures to prevent injury. They have gone to see trainers, and stretched everyday before practice. The Tigers have also not done as much hitting in practice as they did in the regular season and hope to stay healthy all postseason.


Expect to see an energized St. X team who will be ready for any team they face. The coaching staff and players are prepared for anything and everything that is thrown their way. In the words of Coach Wallace, “We must be at our best when our best is needed.” So be there for your Tigers and get to the Cage.