The Coffee Club

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The coffee club is an excellent opportunity to enjoy free coffee and hang out before school. Students, teachers, and faculty can come together to taste the warm brew Mr. Ed Noe has made. A fresh cup of joe can make a big impact on the school day ahead. Saint Xavier offers academic courses that challenge students. With a quick jolt of caffeine in the morning, students will excel in these studies.

Students can attend the coffee club every first Friday of the month in Room 102. The room is always packed with energy and students bustling for the day to begin. As they chat with friends or work on homework, they can start their day with a bang.

It is a nice, relaxing way to have some coffee with some students and faculty. ”

— Mr. Noe

Coffee is best known for its ability to increase energy levels. With students’ minds moving more actively, their creativity and work-ethic will be higher thanks to this club. This gives students an edge and prepares them for success beyond the classroom.