My COVID-19 Approach

I notice the entire world around me filled with uncertainty. When can normal life be seen through something besides a window? When can we hug our family members? What can we do to speed up this distressing process? All of these questions are troubling to think about, but we will experience a normal life as soon as we can.

One thing is for certain, being divided during this time is not the correct approach. In Italy you can see people singing from their apartment windows and playing instruments from their rooftops. These inspirational coping mechanisms are amazing to witness.

Even though it feels we are restricted in what we can do during this time, our government is doing everything it can to save lives. At the end of the day, a few extra months of quarantine will be more worthwhile than losing a peer, a friend, or even a family member to this virus.

While political parties are divided, families are struggling, and relationships are in distress, the American people are not alone. Everyone is experiencing a similar situation at home. We are all restricted in our daily lives and we all have the same questions flowing through our minds. We all are filled with uncertainty; but the most important thing, I have found, is to be together. You don’t have to visit or touch any family or friends to be with them. You can pray for those you are concerned about during this time and you can check in virtually with the ones you love. It is easier to dominate this isolation with the support of those you care about.

God is with all of us during this time. It is easier to give up and fall apart, but God gave us the strength to handle this epidemic. I have become so grateful for my family and friends that have checked in with me and helped me through this time. I now greatly appreciate the times with the ones I love, and I can’t wait to get back to those times and the normalcy that I miss.