This is a very turbulent time for everyone. Lives are being put on pause and ended because of a tiny microscopic organism. I’ve only read about things like this in textbooks. I am confined to my house as I should be, which is not anything to complain about in the grand scheme of things. I’m lucky to be able to have stuff to occupy my time while I’m indoors and have food to get me through it. With that being said, during my time spent indoors, I’ve come to realize that the little things in life are taken for granted so easily.

Little things like hanging with a couple of friends and going out to eat, among other activities, are put on hold. I’ve realized that I would give a lot to be able to have those opportunities back. That realization got me thinking about how I acted and felt when I did have those things. Sometimes, I was ungrateful. Sometimes, I didn’t take in the moment as I should have. Sometimes, I wished I was at home. The point is that I took them for granted. I never thought there would be a span of months where I wouldn’t be able to go see a movie or hang out with a friend. I never thought I would miss school, but I would give a lot to have those final couple of months back–to have normalcy back. I know the seniors would.

Through quarantine and this realization, I hope that I have gained a better mentality about life. I should be happy about the moments I have with the people around me, cherish the present instead of wishing for the future, and see every moment in life as something I get to do rather than something I have to do.