COVID Reflection Writing Project Introduction

We are living through unprecedented times––it has been a century since a disease caused so much fear, uncertainty, and isolation in our country. However, we have also found surprising ways to connect, support, share, create, express…and live. 

Hopefully, 10 or 20 years from now, things like Zoom meetings, face masks, and “social distancing” will raise perplexed looks from future St. Xavier students. How will we explain to them what it was like to live through these days?

Nolan Hester, Class of ‘21, had a realization: we can use the power of the written word to document these challenging and confusing times. This project will feature reflections, journal entries, prayers, poems, letters, and various other forms of writing that will preserve our community’s experience of COVID-19 for future generations. Through these postings, may we all be reminded of how we faced these hardships together, with creativity, reflection, compassion, and spirit.