Observations on COVID-19

As I observe the world around me during one of the strangest times in history, I can’t
help but imagine what will be written about it in the history books in the next 100 years. Will it go down as a great human failure, in which people who did not listen to warnings caused mass death? Will it go down as a great triumph, in which modern medicine prevented 100s of millions of deaths? Or will it go down as an example of fear mongering, in which extreme fear and precaution of the virus caused more harm than good? In the current state of affairs, it is extremely hard to see how things will play out.

One thing is certain; COVID-19 has given the political parties of the US another issue to become divided over. As social distancing, quarantine, and shutdowns continue, discussions over how to move forward become harsher and harsher. Many of those on the right have joined the side of reopening the country. They believe that the fear of the pandemic will cause more harm than the pandemic itself. As more and more protestors hit the streets hoping for a return to normalcy, a tendency of those on the left to speak out against them is on the rise. They stick to the more cautious side of things and believe that everyone should stay quarantined until everything is one hundred percent safe. As things continue, the debates and discussion over what to do become more and more dividing.