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Mr. and Mrs. White Retiring

April 17, 2023

Mr. and Mrs. White have been working at St. X for a combined 72 years, and their careers are finally coming to an end.

Joe White is on his 42nd year after starting at St. X in 1981. Karen White is on her 30th year after starting in 1993. With an average of 170 school days in a normal school year, this means that Mr. White got up for work 7,310 times and Mrs. White has 5,100 times.

Mr. White in 1981
Mrs. White in 1994

Since the beginning of their careers, one word to describe Mr. and Mrs. White’s careers would be ‘committed’. They have both accomplished many things besides just teaching. Joe started off his career as a psychology teacher, counselor, baseball coach and the moderator of student activities council (SAC). Karen started as a theology teacher, which she has remained her whole time at St. X.

The way the two met was on a wilderness retreat at Red River Gorge, which was not a St. X event at the time. After meeting there, it inspired them to bring up the idea for the students to be able to do this retreat as well. After proposing it to the administration, the St. X wilderness retreat was created and it still runs to this day.

Seniors travel to the Gorge for a few days to go on different hikes, have lots of different talks and camp out in tents with their friends. I have personally been on the wilderness retreat and it was unlike anything I had ever done before. It is definitely a great experience and something I would say that every senior should try. 

Karen White has done many memorable things including creating the senior spirituality class at St. X and even winning the Thomas Borders Excellence in Teaching Award, which is only awarded once a year.

“I really have no idea what my biggest accomplishment has been,” Karen said. “I am just so happy that after all of my years of teaching that I am leaving it still loving being in the classroom with all of my students and colleagues that I care so much about. I’m thrilled that I have never suffered burnout or dreaded coming to school. Also, a good memory that I have is that I taught Mr. Stemle when he was a student here.”

Out of all of the classes and teachers I have had during my time here, I would say Mrs. White is the best at bringing energy and life into the classroom.

Joe White has had many great accomplishments since he arrived in 1981. Mr. White has had many opportunities over the years to take different jobs, but leaving St. X is not something that he had in mind.

“One of my biggest accomplishments, I think, is working 43 years at the same school,” Joe said. “All places have their problems and challenges, but St. X is a great place to work and the students and my colleagues are awesome people.”

Joe’s baseball coaching career has been just as impressive as any coach currently here. He has coached over 50 players that have gone on to play in college and even some that have gone on professionally. Matt Anderson, the #1 overall pick in the 1997 Major League Baseball Draft, is a St. X grad that was coached by Joe White during his time playing for the Tigers. This is just one of the many people that Joe has had a large effect on.

Overall, the impact that Mr. And Mrs. White have had here is not something that will be easy to top. Although they are ending their long careers at St. X, Mr. and Mrs. White are planning to stay busy. They are traveling all over the country and even out of the country with a large trip to Italy planned for the summer. Volunteer opportunities for the community are another thing that they plan to do. Continuing their impact inside and out of St. X after retirement is not something that Mr. and Mrs. White will have any problem doing.

It’s been said that it’s not how long you do something, but how well you do it. In the case of Mr. and Mrs. White, both are true.

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