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The Greatest Spaces of All Time

March 14, 2023

It’s time to settle the age-old debate. What is the best space of them all? What I present is a comprehensive amalgamation of my own thoughts and opinions on what I believe to be the greatest spaces of all time.

Before we get into the list, I’ll first highlight some honorable mentions.

Dishonorable Mention: Crawl Space

Underneath every house is a crawl space. Every home has one, but they’re always dank and dusty places no one wants to be. They’re cramped, claustrophobic and uncomfortable places that are hard to crawl through, making it one of, if not the worst spaces of all time.

Honorable Mention: Outer Space

While outer space does contain every single thing in existence, it wasn’t quite unique enough to have made my top ten list. I also have not personally been to space and don’t think I could judge it as fairly as the rest. It sits at an honorable mention as it is still one of the greatest spaces of all time.

10: Inner Space

I honestly do not know what inner space is. The only reason it’s on this list is because I thought it would be funny for it to have made the list, but outer space to be put as an honorable mention. Inner space is solely here for the joke and the joke alone.

9: Head Space

Head space is where everyone’s thoughts and memories are. Your whole brain is your head space and it can create feelings, emotions and situations that seem so real, yet they don’t exist. It can also force people’s minds to wander to places they shouldn’t go, placing it this low on my list.

8: Restricted Air Space

These are usually reserved for military and government personnel, making them inaccessible to the public. Since we cannot enter these spaces, they must be very important and are likely hiding aliens that the government doesn’t want us to see, like inside Area 51.

7: Parking Space

These guys are everywhere. There are even whole lots full of parking spaces and they’re very common. They wouldn’t be that awesome, except for that one time when you’re in a full parking lot and you see someone pulling out so you can take their spot, giving it a placement in the top ten.

6: Personal Space

Personal space is very valuable and is not to be messed with. A person’s personal space gives them a sense of security even in uncomfortable situations. Having personal space lets you feel safe, but it’s something that people don’t always think about, putting it at the middle of my list.

5: Space Heater


Now that we’re warmed up, let’s get serious. A space heater can make or break a room. In the dead of winter, these heaters are almost magical. There is a downside to them though, and that’s trying to fine tune the heater to not be too warm, but not too cool and that struggle is why it sits at number five.

4: Mario Party Bowser Space

Imagine you’re sitting down with your friends or family to play a friendly game of Mario Party. You roll the dice and start making your way around the board, but, oh no, you landed on a Bowser space. Bowser is about to take all of your coins AND stars. This space adds so much intensity and fear into the game, making it thrilling and fun. But, if you’re the one to land on the space, your day will be ruined, keeping it out of the top three.

3: Blank Space




2: Spacebar

Imagineaworldwithnospacebarandeverysinglesentencelookedlikethis. Writing this story wouldn’t have been possible without a spacebar. It’s the biggest and most important key on a keyboard and always has the most satisfying click. This has definitely earned its rightful place on the podium. None could possibly best the mighty spacebar, say for one foe.

1: Bingo Free Space

Everybody loves a free gift. Who doesn’t love having something just given to them? Not many things are guaranteed in life, but one thing that is always guaranteed is the bingo free space. It is always there and given to you and can even help you win the game faster. It is by far the greatest space of all time.

This list is my own personal opinion on what I think are the greatest spaces of all time. Everything on this list is open for debate and people are highly encouraged to make their own lists.

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