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First Bite Food Reviews: Shenanigans

February 10, 2023

Third Location: Shenanigans Irish Grille

Shenanigans… untraversed waters for us. Nonetheless, we shall voyage to the Highlands and plant our flag in this establishment like the late Neil Armstrong. Shenanigans is your typical Irish style restaurant, but what sets it apart from the pack is its availability. When scouting out the area we noticed that the parking is much more abundant than most restaurants in the Highlands, and that’s because it’s off the main strip. Shenanigans sits back in its own little cove, prospering in silence. Shenanigans has an outdoor area that is unusable in these frigid conditions, but during the summer I’m sure it’s rather enjoyable. At the very least this seems like a good place to sit back and enjoy the atmosphere.


Ryan’s Bite: 

Bellarmine Burger: 9.3/10

Now I know what you may be thinking, what an outrageous rating. I sit back and even ponder to myself, what set this burger so high? This burger was magical; simply put, this is a top five burger I’ve ever had. The barbecue, bacon and cheddar work in perfect unison.. The was meat cooked to a perfect medium with just enough juice but not too much to where it overpowered the bun. Overall it was just a very good burger from head to toe — flawless. If I had to make a complaint it would be the lettuce.  It was slightly tough, but that’s truly water under the bridge — water that I can overlook for the greater good.


Justin’s Bite:

Grilled Cheese w/Bacon: 8.4/10

Bacon on a grilled cheese? Now this is definitely my cup of tea. It is a very simple dish to cook up; nevertheless, it was impeccably cooked and tasted immaculate. I never knew that grilled cheese combined with bacon would be such a glorious duo. It was like LeBron and Dwayne Wade. The seasoned french fries really coincided well with the main dish as well. Overall, Shenanigans has an exquisite atmosphere, perfect for watching a sports game while enjoying some great food. I know they can perfect a grilled cheese, that’s for sure! 

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