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Tyler’s Throwback Thursday

February 2, 2023


Brushfire Universal

For some reason, I have a faint memory attached to my introduction to this song that simply makes me smile. The memory is so clear I can almost relive it, but what seems to stick is five-year-old me sitting on my couch, legs crossed, sipping on a juice-box and grinning my way through my first movie of Curious George. It is likely this attached memory that makes me so fond of the song, but there seems to be an inherent likeability of the track that seems to universally apply to anyone with youthful energy.

This recollection of my first experience listening to the movie’s title track dissipated with time, however. It was not until I was scrolling through Instagram and heard this nostalgic song for the first time in a long time. As expected, I flashed back to the very first time I heard the song, making me feel five years old again.

This track to me has no flaws. It’s simple, but not one-dimensional. There’s Jack Johnson’s lead acoustic guitar, the light and joyful percussion, and an easy baseline to groove to. I just love it.


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