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New Club: Black Student Union

February 3, 2023


Dr. Nolan

Official logo from St. X’s new Black Student Union here on campus

Designed to unify and advocate for minority students, a new club has recently surfaced at St. X: the Black Student Union (BSU). 

The club aims to provide a unique perspective on the black and brown student experience within the St. X community. According to St. X’s website, the school’s racial diversity has increased by 50% in the last five years, with the black student population seeing a substantial increase.

St. X is one of the last local Catholic schools to not have a BSU; however, with a larger number of minorities walking through the doors of St. X in recent years, this club is expected to grow substantially. Not only will it see growth in membership numbers, but also in its impact on the school and community as a whole. 

The club’s moderators, first-year math teacher Dr. Kendra Nolan and second-year assistant principal Mr. Ronzell Smith started the BSU from the ground up and are just getting off of the ground floor.

Dr. Nolan explained the club’s mission statement as, “To unify black and brown students, advocate for their needs, and provide a safe space for black and brown students to share their experiences and feelings.”

A member of the club, junior Angelo Centeno hopes that the BSU will evolve over time and have a greater impact on the school itself. 

“Starting BSU in a predominantly white institution gives me hope for the future,” Centeno said. “This club will start to make minorities feel more comfortable and welcomed in an unfamiliar community.”

Senior Lamont Hunter sees the BSU as an opportunity to bring the student body together regardless of background and is excited for the future of the program. He is proud to be a part of something that could have a lasting impact on the St. X community. 

“25 years from now, if BSU is still a thing, which I hope, to say that I was a part of the beginning of something with so much potential is a really good feeling,” Hunter said.

The BSU isn’t only for black students. According to Hunter, it was named the Black Student Union because black students make up the majority of the minorities in the student population at St. X. 

“It is welcomed to anyone who wants to have their voice heard or any minority who wants to welcome new ideas to the school,” Hunter added. “I would say if you want to help shape ideas for growth in equality within our St. X community, then join the BSU.”

Dr. Nolan can be contacted at [email protected] for more information, and meetings are held every Thursday from 2-3:15 PM in room 119. As the school’s minority population continues to grow, the BSU is expected to play an important role.

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