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Intramural Basketball Player of the Week

January 24, 2023


Intramural basketball is a highly valued pastime for many individuals, and this week, one player in particular stood out. Freshman Brodie Benefield, our player of the week, put on a remarkable performance with a total of 25 points.

“I dedicate my performance to Logan Shulhafer,” Brodie stated. “My pre-game ritual is to listen to music to relax.”

Brodie’s performance was key for his team’s win.

“It felt good, especially winning against the sophomores,” Brodie said.

Crowd noise can often be a major distraction during a game, but Brodie had a strategy to stay focused.

“To tune out the noise, I just focused on the basketball and my teammates and no one outside the court,” he said.

It’s clear that Brodie’s dedication and focus helped him to achieve a standout performance. Congratulations to Brodie Benefield, our player of the week!

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