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Nelly for Three: Clash of Clans Town Halls

January 26, 2023

Clash of Clans… a game where boys become men. A game where only the strongest of minds can survive. As a Town Hall 14 myself and self-proclaimed best player in the school, it is my duty to end the age-old debate. What is the best Town Hall in the history of Clash of Clans? 


3. Town Hall 7

Photo by Supercell

Simplicity at its finest. Town Hall 7 is when things start to get interesting. At Town Hall 6, you have no respect in the community. Everyone looks down on you and sees you as a new player. Clashers constantly say, “look at that Town Hall 6; what a loser.” In Town Hall 7, this all changes. With the major unlocks of the Barbarian King and Dragon, you can now hold your own in war. The base design also begins to look respectable with the addition of dark crystal walls. This Town Hall is the first step to becoming a man, but you are still not there yet. 


2. Town Hall 9

Photo by Supercell

If I had one word to describe the greatness of this Town Hall, it would be ‘cold’. Some might even call it the John Wick of Town Halls. The black Town Hall fits so perfectly with the black base. Austin Uhrhan, the second best player in the school, said, “When Town Hall 9 is maxed, the mixture of darkness with a purple and yellow color figuration around the base is the cleanest looking base out there.”

You also unlock three new troops and the Archer Queen. Most importantly, this Town Hall brings a certain nostalgia. Everyone remembers when they were a Town Hall 9 feeling like they were on top of the world and no one could touch them. 


1. Town Hall 10 

Photo by Supercell

Congratulations…you have now reached manhood. If you aren’t a Town Hall 10 in the year 2023, I feel bad for you. This Town Hall is basically the peak of gaming. If I ever run a company, the first question on my job application would be, “Are you a Town Hall 10. Yes or no?” (You will not be get the job with me if ‘no’ is checked).

At one point this was the max Town Hall in the game and for good reason. The lava theme mixed in with the walls and unlocking of the inferno tower makes any attacker scared for their life. To put it simply, you can’t truly call yourself a clasher if you are not Town Hall 10. 

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