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Teddy Talks St. X: Electives

January 19, 2023

I’m happy to introduce a brand new segment.  Teddy Talks St. X. This new segment can take many forms: articles, videos or podcasts.  In this breaking first edition it will take two forms.  First it will come as a riveting article where teachers give their elevator pitches on why students should take their electives.  Following the article, there is a podcast where three seniors do a snake draft of all the electives offered at Saint Xavier, so you can have some ideas of what future classes to take.  

Now let’s cut all this chit chat and get down to brass tacks…




“Do you have a body that amazes you at times?” Mr. McCormick asked. “Do things routinely happen to/in your body that you wish you understood better? Have you ever wondered why you can’t take an antibiotic for the flu? Then you might need to open up your freshman year Health notebook…or it sounds like you need to take Human Anatomy in order to understand and appreciate the mystery that is the human body.” 

Mr. McCormick’s anatomy class is a very strong choice for an elective class during your senior year. That class mixes the awe inspiring wonder of the human body with extremely interactive labs, assignments and activities. Mr. McCormick offers invaluable knowledge and overall wisdom that is second to none amongst teachers at St. X. You will go over such topics as the muscle, skeletal and nervous systems.  As someone who experiences this class every day, I can personally recommended this class to anyone who wants to expand their knowledge on the human body, while also having time to pick Mr. McCormick’s brain on his vast knowledge and wisdom he has obtained in his lifetime. 


Digital Music

“Digital Music is a great class for anyone who likes music and wants to learn to create contemporary songs and beats using the GarageBand app,” Mr. Yarborough said. “This class is a great introduction to music fundamentals and also a great advanced composition class for guys who already have a strong musical background. Mr. Yarborough sets up projects that are accessible to guys who are just starting out, but still challenging to more advanced guys.” 

Digital music is a hidden gem in the elective world. Some may write this class off and take an instrumental music class instead.  For those with that opinion, think again. In the modern world, most popular music includes various aspects of electronic and digital music and are integral for making a certified banger in today’s world. So, digital music offers an entrance into the vast ocean of the music industry and a very solid choice for an elective.


Acting 1

“While Acting class is fun (and has little homework and no tests), students also learn life skills that can benefit them in many ways,” Mrs. Reisert said. “As a result of the class, students gain confidence in being in front of an audience, they learn to think and communicate more quickly, they have improved concentration, and they increase their skills in working with others. The class provides an enjoyable contrast to other classes since students spend most of their time actively involved in projects. There’s no note-taking or lectures. Grades are based primarily on participation.” 

This is my certified sleeper pick. Acting 1 is a fantastic change up in the middle of your day.  Between math, science, and history, acting offers a break from the classroom setting and a way to express yourself in a unique way. I can personally say that improv Friday was consistently the highlight of my week. Acting 1 gives students the opportunity to pursue every man’s dream of being Ryan Reynolds and obtaining the life of a movie star. Overall, Acting 1 is a very strong choice for a half-semester elective. 



Journalism is absolutely electric. This pick may come with a little bias, but it comes from the heart. Journalism is an incredibly enjoyable class and offers students free range to explore aspects of the news world. Mr. Stemle does an amazing job of producing an environment where creative juices are free flowing and plentiful.  Journalism is a great choice for any aspiring writer or simply a man looking to share his opinion. 

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