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Best Jobs for High Schoolers

January 30, 2023

We polled the Saint Xavier student community to find the best places to work after school. According to our poll results, here are the places you should consider working:



Chick-fil-A, the home of the best chicken sandwich, is a great place to work as a high schooler. A family-like environment built on serving customers makes it an enjoyable place to work. 

Lamont Hunter, current St. X senior, has been working at the Jefferson Commons location for nearly two years and has gained priceless experience from his time at Chick-fil-A. Given his experience, Hunter has become a team leader and has more responsibilities than a starting employee. 

“When I’m not training, I normally work five to ten, so the first couple of hours are at a spot, then we rotate,” Hunter said. “It’s very interactive and high-paced so time flies.” Hunter also trains new employees a couple days a week.

Chick-fil-A provides Hunter more than just a job.

“It teaches you hospitality, teaches you respect, they actually show you how to be treated and they care,” Hunter said. “You also meet a lot of well-spirited and bright minded individuals.”

Other students should consider working at Chick-fil-A because of the amazing atmosphere; you could also get Hunter as your team leader, earn free meals, and serve customers that are incredibly nice to you. Chick-fil-A starts pay around $10 to $22 an hour for a team leader and is always hiring. 


Valhalla Golf Club, the highest ranked golf course in Kentucky, is a great place to work during the summer. The course provides a championship stage for its members as well as a unique brand of Southern Hospitality. Valhalla  will host the PGA Championship in 2024 for the fourth time in the tournament’s history. 

Griffin Mattingly, current St. X junior, has worked as a caddie at Valhalla since the summer of 2022. Mattingly typically is informed that he will caddie a day or two before the round and he arrives at the course around an hour before the tee time. His duties typically consist of carrying one golf bag, cleaning clubs and balls, informing the player of a shot’s distance, and maintaining and understanding the course. 

Benefits of working at Valhalla include incredible pay. Mattingly also works at Graeter’s Ice Cream and says, “I make more than double what I’d make in the same time at Graeter’s. Caddies also have the ability to play on Mondays, which gives a great opportunity to play a PGA Championship course.”

Mattingly is paid $49 per round, but this just scratches the surface. “Players tip at the end of each round, which on average can be anywhere from $75-$100,” Mattingly said. “The most tip money I’ve walked out with after a round is $300.”

“Valhalla is always looking for new caddies before the season begins in the spring and summer,” Mattingly said. “If caddying doesn’t sound like your thing, there are other job opportunities offered at Valhalla, like working as a cart boy or a server.”


DiOrio’s Pizza and Pub, staffed my numerous St. X students, is the best place to work as a student-athlete. Known for their wings, fried Oreos and of course pizza, DiOrio’s is a great place to work and watch a game.

John Carlon, a current St. X senior, has worked at DiOrio’s since the summer entering his freshman year and makes pizzas, does dishes, and has a great time. Holden Siebel, another St. X senior, started in December of his freshman year and he preps food, makes orders, or closes the restaurant at night. 

“The benefit of working there is making money with a very flexible schedule,” Siebel said. “I’ve played football and lacrosse all four years and DiOrio’s has been able to work around my schedule year round.” 

To Carlon, DiOrio’s provides a great environment because the managers are very professional and make it a great time. “Working with other St. X, Trinity, and Fern Creek students create a friendly environment,” Carlon said. “They also work with high school graduates when they come back from college in the summer, further emphasizing the family aspect of DiOrio’s and the ability to work around schedules.” 

DiOrio’s starts pay around $10, but, as Carlon put, “If you put the time in, you will get a raise quickly.” Along with pay, employees get a 50% discount on food. Siebel says DiOrio’s “always has room for people” and Carlon invites students to “come on into the store or talk to me and I can get you in touch with a manager.”

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