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Adam Campisano

Week 9: Football Pick ‘Em with Coach Larkin

October 28, 2022

There is nothing that is much better than a packed football stadium with over a hundred thousand crazy fans on a chilly October Saturday night. Kentucky fans, you are most likely feeling one of two ways heading into this game: hopeful or very frightened.


Kentucky fans should be hopeful because this is their big opportunity to see if they’re going to be a great team rather than just a good team. Kentucky has the tools to win this game; they have an improved defense, a solid rushing attack, and good quarterback play. Our UK football analyst, Luke Daley said, “The two keys for the Wildcats to win this game are for the secondary to keep Hendon Hooker in check, and Will Levis has to take care of the football.”


On the other hand, some Kentucky fans may be a little bit jittery heading into this game. It has the potential to get out of hand fast especially playing in the hostile Neyland Stadium. Kentucky will have to keep in check probably the top Heisman candidate, Hendon Hooker, and one of the most electric receivers in Jalin Hyatt to win this game. It is going to be a tall task to beat a Tennessee team that has already beaten four other ranked opponents.



Who’s going to win outright/score?

Coach Larkin: Tennessee Volunteers (35-17)

Adam Campisano: Tennessee Volunteers (42-28)

Ben Purnell: Tennessee Volunteers (45-31)

Luke Daley: Kentucky Wildcats (31-28)


Who covers the spread? (UT -12.5)

Coach Larkin: Tennessee

Adam Campisano: Tennessee

Ben Purnell: Tennessee

Luke Daley: Kentucky


Who will have more total yards in the game between Will Levis and Hendon Hooker?

Coach Larkin: Hendon Hooker

Adam Campisano: Hendon Hooker

Ben Purnell: Hendon Hooker

Luke Daley: Will Levis


What player scores the first touchdown?

Coach Larkin: Cedric Tillman (UT)

Adam Campisano: Jabari Small (UT)

Ben Purnell: Jalin Hyatt (UT)

Luke Daley: Barion Brown on Opening Kickoff (UK)


Who will have more touchdowns between Chris Rodriguez and Jalin Hyatt?

Coach Larkin: Jalin Hyatt

Adam Campisano: Chris Rodriguez

Ben Purnell: Jalin Hyatt

Luke Daley: Chris Rodriguez


Which defense will force more turnovers?

Coach Larkin: Tennessee

Adam Campisano: Tennessee

Ben Purnell: Tennessee

Luke Daley: Kentucky



1. Ben Purnell 23-24
2. Coach Larkin 21-26
3. Adam Campisano 18-29
4. Luke Daley 17-30


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