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Matt Grace/Prime Video

Harris’s Review

September 21, 2022

Even though you will not see iconic characters such as Bilbo or Frodo Baggins, “The Rings of Power” still has iconic scenery, amazing cinematography, and an excellent storyline that will hook you on episode one.


The plot is based on Middle-Earth’s history prior to the notorious “one ring.” The narrative revolves around the creation of the twenty rings for the many races of Middle-Earth. The source material for this five-season projected epic is “The Silmarillion” and published letters from Tolkien.


A brave lady elf named Galadriel, an inquisitive hobbit named Elanor “Nori” Brandyfoot, and a stern but kind-hearted elf named Arondir are among the characters in “The Rings of Power.”


The environment and set design are two of the greatest aspects of this series. The fact that the film was shot in New Zealand presents the audience with stunning vistas. The following locations were featured in “The Lord of the Rings” and are now included in the new show:

  • Numenor – Island Kingdom of Men
  • Khazad-Dum – Realm of the Dwarves
  • The Southlands – the Lands of Men
  • Lindon – Capital of the High Elves


Matt Grace/Prime Video


Overall, the audience has rated “The Rings of Power” positively, with Rotten Tomatoes awarding the program an 84% rating. Checking out “The Rings of Power” will be well worth your time, especially if you are a fan of “Lord of the Rings.”

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