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Photo used with approval of M. Haas

St. X freshmen were split into teams by homeroom and they competed all day long

Tiger Blast Builds Brotherhood Through Teamwork

October 13, 2022

Although Mr. Caudill’s homeroom took home the victory, it’s safe to say that all of the freshmen were winners during Tiger Blast on Wednesday, Oct. 12. Their prize? A bond that will last a lifetime.


Many students say that Tiger Blast is one of their most memorable experiences while at St. X. The timing of Tiger Blast couldn’t be any better as it allows students to get to know each other early as we wrap up the first quarter. 


Tiger Blast starts with a beginning session in the auditorium immediately after WSTX. Brotherhood and teamwork are the most emphasized aspects during this assembly. It’s said over and over again for everyone to get out of their comfort zones and that they will get out what they put in. 


Coach Glaser gets the event started in the auditorium (Photo used with approval of M. Haas)


Essentially, Tiger Blast is a field day for high schoolers — tapping into that grade school recess excitement. Students get to participate in athletic events like football, soccer, and race through inflatables. St. X also offers a chance to experience the Rage Cage from a different perspective. The freshmen get to learn all of the cheers the Cage has to offer, which allows them to make a bigger difference in the student section for the rest of the events. 


“I would describe Tiger Blast as a really competitive brotherhood, we went out and bonded with each other and made that brotherhood stronger,” freshman Thomas Evans said. “The reason it felt like that was because everyone was laughing and having the best time of their lives with their brothers.”


It came down to a sudden death penalty kick (Photo used with approval of M. Haas)


Teamwork is crucial to each homeroom’s chance of success. Everyone doesn’t have to be a superstar athlete in order to make a difference. A student can be a vocal leader or help provide strategy in order to win. Another important part of Tiger Blast is the leadership people can bring. The senior leaders are especially crucial to the success of their assigned homeroom teams.


My favorite parts were kickball, soccer, and flashball. I will remember the speeches our team captains gave us before the games to try to hype us up.

— Thomas Evans


“My experience with Tiger Blast was very fun; it’s a great experience and time to hang out with your brothers at St. X and have a fun, competitive competition,” freshman Conrad Riebel said. “You get to hang out with your friends and play fun games like flashball, ultimate frisbee, and kickball.”


Riebel’s homeroom celebrates a big play (Photo used with approval of M. Haas)

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