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Darren’s Favorite Childhood Game

Pokémon Black and White

Growing up, I was obsessed with Pokémon. I watched the show for hours, collected hundreds of cards, and spent days playing through each and every game. I explored vast regions aiming to become the greatest Pokémon master alongside my many teams made up of all kinds of Pokémon, but there’s one team I’ll never forget. The team where it all began… my Pokémon White team.


The first choice in any Pokémon game makes all the difference, and my first choice was Snivy, Oshawott, or Tepid. The three poke balls glistened in my sights as I pondered for what felt like eons until finally my hand reached down. Though in that moment it felt like a small decision, choosing Snake the Snivy as my first partner Pokemon is a memory I’ll hold with me forever. I grabbed the ball, now hanging on my bag, and began my first of thousands of Pokémon battles. 


Soon after leaving my house, I’d set my sights on becoming the greatest Pokémon trainer in Unova. During my trek to the first gym, I’d have another encounter with a Pokémon I’d never forget. Just before entering the route I learned about the art of capturing wild Pokémon. Now Snake and I were face to face with our first encounter, a Lillipup. Snake shot vines out at Lillipup to weaken the foe and without much thought, I lobbed a PokéBall into the air and watched as it sent Lillipup into the red ball. The ball shook three times on the ground, and afterwards Josie the Lillipup joined this legendary trio.


Snake, Josie and I would encounter the last of this unforgettable posse inside the verdant Pinwheel Forest. Just before entering this forest, We’d obtained the first of eight gym badges needed in order to face the champion. Snake was faced with a Pansear that spat fire at him. Snake weaved between the rocks littered in the stadium and chipped away at the foe with sharp leaves, however he ultimately couldn’t stand up to the heat of a fire Pokémon. Josie got sent into the battle, and swiftly dealt a make or break Take Down to end the fight, leaving my team and I with our first badge. Now we stood face to face with a small forest and walked in.


There was scuttling all around us as we explored this urbanized forest until we met the source of a curdling screech. A large purple centipede forged into the shape of a wheel stared us down alongside a multitude of small Venipedes. Josie jumped in to fight the swarm of bugs but was swiftly stomped out. I knew I stood no chance and ran from the mass of Venipedes. I sprinted away and not but one of the Venipedes chased us. Now faced with a one-on-one bout, I sent out Snake to get rid of the threat. Snake sent out plant after plant at the Venipede, however the poisonous fumes left Snake with little hope. Now, with nothing left to rely on, I let a PokéBall fly towards the rowdy Pokémon. It hit. It shook. It clicked shut. The trio was complete with Stinger the Venipede joining the legendary trio. I stood still as I felt a faint hint of importance arise with this capture. Snake the Serperior, Josie the Stoutland, and Stinger the Scolipede marked the beginning of a long journey through the world of Pokémon.

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