Ceramics: An Inside Look

In room 406, above Saint Xavier’s expansive campus, students are working hard creating beautiful pieces of art with the inspiring help of creative geniuses. From pinch pots, tumblers, mugs, large bowls, to vases, the masterminds behind this project are Mrs. Susan Jaffe and Mr. Kevin Payne.

Jaffe’s C period class consists of two different levels of ceramics. Jaffe currently has a Ceramics I class and a Ceramics II class. Ceramics I is currently working on waxing and glazing their tumblers and mugs that they have been working on for two weeks. Ceramics II is waxing and glazing their bowls that they have been sculpting on the pottery wheel.

As C period stays busy, sophomore Hayden Guenthner, a student in Ceramics I, said, “I have really enjoyed being able to work with my hands on such interesting projects this quarter.”

As others are busy at work, senior Quinn Peters, a Ceramics II student, expressed how he loves to see the finished product of what he is able to create.

When asked about what he likes best about teaching his ceramics students, Mr. Payne stated, “The variety, not only in students, but projects as well.” Mr. Payne stated that his A Period class contains Ceramics I, III, and AP students. “The versatility of hand building, wheel throwing, and getting new ideas from the AP students is just fun to have.”

In Payne’s level one class, the students are working on Native American inspired coil vessels. For his level two class, the students are working on stackable bowls. As for his level three class, the students are making casserole dishes and dinner plates. Lastly, his AP students are “working in their own world” as Payne described. He stated that AP students are researching artists and creating interpreted pieces of merged art.

As students walk through the door, they seem to appear creative and show an intense passion for learning. With several different colors of glazes to choose from and a variety of different ideas to be inspired by, the sky is the limit.

For any student who may be interested in the Art Department of Ceramics at Saint Xavier, stop by room 406 or contact Mrs. Susan Jaffe or Mr. Kevin Payne.