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Adam Campisano

This week’s matchup features two marquee opponents with Notre Dame and Ohio State

Football Pick ‘Em with Coach Larkin

September 2, 2022

Each Friday of last year’s fall semester, I looked forward to E period Finance and Investments with Coach Larkin. We would usually watch an interesting episode of Shark Tank or The Profit; however, the highlight of my class on Friday was when Coach Larkin and I would make picks on our “Game of the Week.”


This “Game of the Week” was essentially our favorite marquee matchup in either college football or the NFL. When giving our analysis on this GOTW, Coach Larkin and I would choose who was going to win/who covers the spread, and a few other key questions, such as who forces more turnovers, who the leading rusher may be, or what the final score will be. Each question was worth a point, and we kept track of them throughout the fall semester.


Over the course of the football season, Coach Larkin, Luke Daley, Ben Purnell, and I will be competing and keeping track of our points in our own college and NFL pick series.


Our first “Game of the Week” will be #5 Notre Dame @ #2 Ohio State.


This was a very obvious decision to be the “Game of the Week”. This game includes two college football powerhouses (who are also ranked in the top) five playing in a game with large college football playoff implications, and it is just the first week of the season. This game is also very interesting because it will tell college football fans a lot about Notre Dame’s new coach, Marcus Freeman, and whether or not Ohio State can redeem themselves from last years somewhat let down of a season.



Who’s going to win outright?

Coach Larkin: Ohio State

Adam Campisano: Ohio State

Ben Purnell: Ohio State

Luke Daley: Ohio State


Who covers the spread? (OSU 17.5 pts)

Coach Larkin: Ohio State

Adam Campisano: Ohio State

Ben Purnell: Notre Dame

Luke Daley: Notre Dame


Who forces more turnovers?

Coach Larkin: Ohio State

Adam Campisano: Ohio State

Ben Purnell: Ohio State

Luke Daley: Notre Dame


Who will score first/how?

Coach Larkin: Ohio State/Touchdown

Adam Campisano: Ohio State/Field Goal

Ben Purnell: Notre Dame/Field Goal

Luke Daley: Ohio State/ Touchdown


What is the score?

Coach Larkin: 42-10 (OSU)

Adam Campisano: 35-13 (OSU)

Ben Purnell: 45-31 (OSU)

Luke Daley: 38-28 (OSU)




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