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Sam Hayward

Sam Hayward will be Thomas Evans’ mentor this year to kick off the Tiger Mentor program

Tiger Mentor Program

September 3, 2022

Every student at St. X has heard about the Tiger Mentor Program, but not many really know what it is. Created by Coach Glaser, Mr. Yochum, and Mr. Cottrell, the Tiger Mentors’ main goal is to not only help new students at St. X understand what our school is about, but also to teach upperclassmen about leadership.


Everyone remembers their first day of freshman year. Being in the car with your mom and your stomach hurts because you were so nervous.


Wouldn’t you have loved some guidance from someone who has seen the building, maybe had the same teachers you will have, and knows the best thing to get for lunch? That’s why the Tiger Mentor Program was started.


“We felt as if the freshman really struggled last year,” Coach Glaser, a co-starter of the program, said. “We want them to have someone they can model.”


However, that’s not the only goal of the program. It is also geared towards the junior and senior mentors. They will do academic check-ins, organize activities, and schedule meet ups with their mentees.

“We also want to teach the upperclassmen how to lead. It’s a two way street,” Coach Glaser added. “We started from the ground up; so far it’s going great. The freshmen are really looking up to their mentors and they’re making genuine connections.”


St. X can seem large and confusing for people new to the school. Upperclassmen in the past would have benefited from having someone to help guide them along like they’re guiding their mentees now.


“I really wish I had a mentor when I was a freshman. Knowing the ins and outs of the school would’ve really been helpful for me,” Landon Gaines, a senior tiger mentor, said. “Being able to have a role model to guide me on the right path would’ve been awesome.”

This clearly has the potential to have a profound impact on the St. X student body — young and old. After all, Tigers take care of Tigers.

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