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Landon Gaines

Phones, iPads, Lanyards and more. Don’t make these common freshman mistakes

Top 5 Don’ts for Freshmen

August 30, 2022

As a freshman at St. X, you’re given lots of advice to improve your time here as a student and as a brother in the brotherhood. However, I felt that as a freshman, I didn’t understand the true importance and what would make me an efficient St. X student. If you’re worried about this year, this article is meant to help you navigate the world of St. X as smoothly as possible. When in doubt, avoid these common pitfalls…



“Where is your lanyard?” Nobody wants to deal with consequences caused by faulty dress code violations. Try to establish a certain spot or location where you know your lanyard is going to be. It could be your room, car, school locker, or even school backpack.



The most important takeaways at St. X are found in the classroom. Every day you’re taught valuable lessons to carry on as a student and brother. I understand it’s very tempting to run another season in Retro Bowl or throw no hitters in Baseball 9; however, if you prepare yourself inside the classroom and really put your focus towards your class without the games, your progression throughout the year will increase!



Fellas, time management is one of the most important skills you will develop in your life. If you know you’re going to need something out of your locker for the next three to four periods, grab it when you get to school and carry it with you and switch them out after lunch. It will save your time and improve your stress levels. Be responsible!



It’s 7:56 am and you find yourself sitting in home room with a dead iPad. You’re going to need your iPad every day of school this year — why not charge it? If your iPad is not charged, how are you going to be an efficient St. X student? Having your iPad charged is another way to improve stress levels and will help you improve as a St. X student overall. This is just another way of being responsible and having the materials you need.



Like I said earlier, time management is one of the most important skills you will develop in your life. Whenever you get home, do not wait and let the day pass right before your eyes. As a senior, I firmly believe the most important key to your success at St. X is the homework. Homework will accumulate to almost 50 percent of your work done all four years at St. X. The easiest thing to get slipped up on grade-wise is not doing your homework. Try to establish a set time to knock it out instead of procrastinating and waiting until it’s too late.



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