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Goodbye, St. X

Senior, Owen O’Neill, touches on his experience at St. X and the importance of it. He says, “Goodbye, St. X.”

May 2, 2022

Hearing the words “Saint Xavier High School” immediately sends a wave of emotions and nostalgia throughout my mind and soul. Though I haven’t officially graduated or walked across the stage yet with my diploma, I already feel the need to refer to St. X in the past tense. I have been an official Tiger for roughly 1,461 days, and let me tell you: these have been the best days of my life. No, my time as a Tiger will never end, because I will die representing this school that I love; however, my time as a student here will (and is). Sooner or later I will have typed my lunch number in one last time, I will have ordered my last buff chick, I will have ran to my car for the last time leaving school, I will have gotten caught in the infamous ‘T’ one last time (I guess it’s a lowercase ‘t’ now, or an ‘X’), and right now I am writing my last story. While reflecting on my time at St. X, I’ve realized that this place is not normal. 


Many people wonder, “what makes St. X so special?” Well, that’s an easy answer. The people who work in this building make St. X, St. X. There are no other Coach Js walking around on any other high school campus in the country. There are no Coach Schweitzers, Coach Kraeszigs, Coach Walshs, or Mr. Johnny Bargers (man, I’ve never seen Johnny without shoes that are matching his hat). I could go on and on about the special people that I came in contact with during my four years here.


I can remember my first day of school at X…it was that special. I walked into Coach Kraeszig’s A period biology class and within the first five minutes I had already heard his legendary “dot-dash” saying roughly ten times. As the day went on, I went into Coach Walsh’s class and heard him say “WOW” and “HOLY BALLS” and the whole class would always roar with laughter. I walked into Coach Schweitzer’s class to see his room decked out in John Wayne memorabilia. 


I’ve had such a good connection with St. X that I’ll even miss the things I hated. I’ll miss writing my whole entire three page paper on a tiny notecard in Coach Brockman’s class for his midterm/final (“Nerd” – Coach Brockman). I’ll miss Mr. Meirose’s lengthy Theology tests — alright, that was a stretch…I won’t be missing those. I already miss getting yelled at by Mr. Drury for walking on the grass after school. I miss Señor Salomon challenging me to a one-on-one basketball game every single day freshman year. I already miss the famous “Chuckle with Chaz” series that every senior remembers from their freshman year. I’ll miss Paul Gates’ morning announcements on WSTX. I’ll miss doing the first-ever student sports broadcast in St. X history with DJ Stobbe. And I’ll certainly miss writing stories for Xavier News and seeing my name connected with the brand. 


This is my last piece I will ever write for Xavier News…so this chapter is closing. This is also my last week at St. X…so this chapter is also closing. But my book continues–all of ours do. I will have new stories to tell soon. I will have new chapters to write in my life with memories that are just as fond. That I am sure of. But what I’m also sure of is that I’ll look back at these memories–my time at St. X–with great joy, spirit, and nostalgia. 


I always knew I would eventually graduate from St. X, but I didn’t think it would fly by this fast. Andy Bernard from The Office once said, “I wish there was a way to know you were the good ole days before you actually left them.” If any quote in the whole world was true…it would be this one. 


Saint Xavier High School, thank you for giving me the memories, the relationships, and making me the man I am today. For one last time, Go Tigers. 


“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” — Dr. Seuss


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