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Sky and Joey’s Throwback Thursday

We’re going back quite a few decades.

April 21, 2022

What do you do when the biggest band in history breaks up? Go out and make your own wildly successful music, of course! This Throwback Thursday, Joey and I take on the members of The Beatles’ solo careers.


Sky – “Hold On” by John Lennon


This is the perfect song for a chill night watching the sunset. I do have to warn you though, just after the one minute mark in the song, John Lennon just says “COOKIE” like totally out of the blue and it throws me off every time. Otherwise, the song is nearly perfect, with a calming, wavy guitar and uplifting lyrics. While John Lennon is not a favorable person anymore, his music is solid, and you should check it out.


Joey – “Let It Down” by George Harrison 


George Harrison arguably had the best solo careers out of four Beatles. In my opinion, he has the best voice, and we can all agree he was the best guitarist. His solo songs never got enough attention during this time in the Beatles; whenever he got the spotlight, he would always deliver (as seen in “Something”). This song was off his first (and best) solo album. It has a great feel and it is a very easy song to enjoy. 

We now have a playlist where you can listen to the songs we have featured!

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