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The Post: St. X’s Perfect Pizza Place

April 11, 2022

I firmly believe that the Post has some of the best pizza in Louisville. Found conveniently in Germantown, this pizza place is a mere four minutes from our very own campus, they open at 4:00 p.m. on weekdays, and a slice of pepperoni pizza will only run you four dollars. Now I ask you, what exactly is stopping you from killing a little time after school, and heading straight to the Post for a giant slice of New York style, thin-crust pizza?


Another cool element of the space is that the restaurant is in an old renovated VFW. They completely gutted it and transformed it into the modern pizza parlor that it is today.


before and after renovations (The Post, Louisville)


While I can only speak for myself, my perfect style of slice will always be one that is thin and as big as the pizza place will make it. Coincidentally, this is the exact kind of pizza that the Post prides themselves on: thin, crispy, perfectly cheesy, and undeniably delicious. The slices here are so large that it makes the most sense to order by the slice. Finishing two in one sitting would be a sizable challenge.


Pepperoni slice (Reece Sutton)


Perhaps you (somehow) aren’t in the mood for a pie; the menu offers a variety of sandwiches and sides. The list includes hot subs, calzones, salads, and sides like breadsticks, cheese bread, and chicken bites.


I came into the Post straight from the gym with quite the appetite. I knew, in my mind, exactly what I was going to order: two slices of pepperoni pizza. A server immediately met me at the front, I was swiftly seated in a seat near the bar, and was quickly brought a glass of water.


The server returned and took my order, and I was expecting somewhat of a decent wait, as is typical of most pizza places, but this was not the case on this specific day. While I can see the semi-small restaurant becoming busy and backed up on orders on any other day, my two slices came out in what felt like five minutes.


I made quick use of the table-ready parmesan cheese, and went straight to work. For a slice as sizable as this, the method of folding the slice is practically mandatory. When the pizza first arrived, I’ll admit, this thing was exceptionally greasy. Now health isn’t exactly the priority of anyone eating a slice this size, but the amount of grease was a little off putting—I made sure to remove some excess with some napkins.


The first slice went down surprisingly easily. The thin layer of cheese was perfectly balanced with an equally thin layer of sauce. I was also a very big fan of the savory, but not overpowering, flavor that the pepperonis added. They were smaller in size (not a criticism) and were spread evenly all over the slice.


The most outstanding feature of this pizza was the crust. The size and amount of grease begin to take away from the texture of the slice depending on the time that you let it sit, but the crust is the saving grace. By the time you work your way down to the crust, you’re ready for a change. The crust was a perfect change of pace, and offered a good crunch.


In an after the fact analysis, I really can’t ignore the way this pizza affected my stomach. I went into the place with an enormous appetite, ate a lot of food in a short time, and exited with quite the stomachache. I blame myself, in part, because of how quickly I ate the meal, but I think the amount of grease was definitely a big factor, and must be acknowledged in the final score.


All in all, the pizza is an 8.6/10. The strengths outweigh the weaknesses without a question.



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