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Paul’s Guide to an In-town Spring Break

March 31, 2022

My family has always been anti-spring break; for this reason, I have an abundance of knowledge surrounding staying right here in the Ville. The first step to having a great Spring Break at home is to stop feeling sorry for yourself. I know it feels like literally everyone is going somewhere. In my experience, however, this isn’t true. You are not alone this week.


Start asking around and find someone who is going be in town. This can be a great opportunity to hang out with those in-school friends who you don’t usually hang out with outside of school—especially if your close friends are going away. I’m not necessarily a big activities guy, but I think it is really fun to think outside the box to avoid this certain feeling of being alone in Louisville.


This is a great opportunity to put some work into your golf game. You can hit the range and get your skills sharpened up for the summer months. The weather is the best this time of year, so it’s always nice to be able to get outside. Maybe you are not a golfer–this could be a great time to explore the game. Maybe you are a golfer, but your friend isn’t. My suggestion would be to hit the Seneca Youth Golf Course. This is a free course, and is a very short nine-hole layout.



When I turned ten years old, my mom allowed me to have my first birthday party at Lazer Blaze. It was a ball. Why don’t people in high school play laser tag? It is, in my opinion, one of the best activities to have fun with some friends. The same goes with putt-putt and go-karts. Maybe take a ride out to Kart Kountry and remember some great memories from your younger years.




My sister first bought an “Eno” when she was in high school. I was an immediate skeptic, but these hammocks that you see people hanging in the park are unbelievable. If you have a hammock, take it over to Cherokee Park, hang it up, and relax. That’s the whole point of spring break: give yourself some time to chill out. Being in nature is such a gift. Among Cherokee Park, Bernheim Forest, and the numerous other parks in our city, take some time to enjoy the spring weather. 



One of the most underrated parts of our city is not in our city. Take a ride down to Waterfront Park, see the river, and take a walk over the Big Four Bridge. Jeffersonville, Ind. is a delightful town, there are great restaurants and places to hang out. My personal favorite is Schimpff’s Confectionery, an old-timey candy store with a lunch counter. Take a seat at the lunch counter, and order up a couple of chili dogs. The best part is walking back over the river, which cancels out the calories. 



There is no reason why a spring break in Louisville can’t be just as (if not more) enjoyable than a trip to Florida. Get out and explore our great city, take the time to relax, learn, and come back ready for a great end to the year!



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