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The Sun Is Out; Life Is Good

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The Sun Is Out; Life Is Good

March 3, 2022

There is something baked into my nature where I struggle to be in the moment. That is the reason why I am sitting down and writing this story. My car does not have automatic lights. For the last several months, part of my morning routine has been getting into my car and flipping those lights on. Lately, however, I have cut that step. As I depart my neighborhood and set out towards the Watterson, as so many of you guys do, I bask in the sunlight. This glorious sunlight has changed the entire trajectory of my day. The vitamin D cakes my skin with goodness.


As I approach the on ramp I get mad — people don’t know how to drive! Right after I get mad, briefly, I settle into my commute and realize that there is nothing to be mad about. The sun is out, life is good. This week as you drive to school take a moment to realize that the sun is out, and life is good for you, too.  


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