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Why Kanye Isn’t The GOAT

February 2, 2022


Kanye West: one of the most controversial, yet influential billionaires of our generation. With the newly announced album Donda 2 rumored to be released Feb. 22 of 2022, now as we know this is more than likely false. This is because West is notorious for releasing his albums later than he promises.


The Life of Pablo being a whopping 531 days late, Graduation was 345 days late, Watch the Throne was 209 days late, College Dropout being 193 days late, Cruel Summer was 89 days late, Late Registration was 49 days late, Jesus is King being 26 days late. And Donda being 13 days late. So I would say Kanye has quite the hot streak for not owning up to his word. His fans would disagree though, when I ask his fans how they feel about constantly being lied to, they seem unbothered saying “he’s just taking his time making sure it’s done.” I’m not sure how they can just blow it off so easily, but it could be due to the fact that it happens nearly every single time and they’ve become desensitized to it.        


This specifically has made him lower in my rankings all time. I have no hate towards the music he’s making, I just wish he would put it out on time. I took a poll of 50 students here at St. X asking them if they thought Kanye was the GOAT and 20 of the 50 (40%) said he was the GOAT. I think this goes to show that Kanye really does have good supportive fans, despite his long awaited albums. There’s no doubt that Kanye has been massively influential to the rap community and its development over the years. Without Kanye, who knows where the rap game would be. I just don’t think he’s the greatest of all time…



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