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Sky and Joey’s Release Radar

January 21, 2022


Friday is my favorite day of the week for many reasons. For me (Joey), it is because of how much new music comes out. I start my Friday morning by listening to my release radar. Sky and I listen to all kinds of music, and we want to share what new music we are listening to. We have a similar taste in music, (mostly rap and classic rock) so if you share our music taste, check out this article every Friday.



“Pardon You” – George Carnes

Former Xavier News writer and Saint Xavier graduate George Carnes ’20 has been releasing music since early 2021. His newest song, “Pardon You”, is a psychedelic ear-pleaser from beginning to end. If this is what Carnes’ definitive sound is truly like, he will have some staying power in modern alternative music. I am hopeful for his future music pursuits, and I will keep listening–as should you!




Criminally underrated artist Aaron May recently dropped two tracks that have gone under the radar. This is a chill rap song, perfect for late night driving or hanging with friends. Definitely check out this song and watch out for more releases.


(Click on the song titles to see them on Spotify).



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