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Call to the Cage

November 12, 2021

Calling all Tigers! For the second round of the State Championship Playoffs, the football team is calling for a packed Cage for this Friday night’s game. Scheduled to kick off at 7:00 P.M., the Tigers look to survive and advance in this must-win matchup versus the Manual Crimsons (8-3). With your help, the St. X (10-1) will look to continue their current eight-game winning streak by replicating their stellar Oct. 8 performance against the Crimsons, but this time on our home turf. 



You might be asking, ‘what does it really matter?’ or ‘why should I Pack the Cage?’ 


Don’t listen to me — listen to these guys below:


Mekhi Smith (Sr. WR): 

“A packed cage gets me personally fired up and ready to go to work. For the team, (The Cage) helps bring energy to get us going!!!” 


Jackson Poma (Sr. CB):

“Everything about the game comes so much easier to me when the cage is packed. The energy that flows from the stands gives both me and the entire team some needed confidence, helping us to play as one fearless unit on the field. Obviously, the cage helped us big time in big games earlier in the season against Elder and Male, and I know it will do the same come this Friday.”


Coach Bruner (Defensive Coordinator):

“When we come out and it’s like that (the Male game), it gets the entire team ready to go and fired up to play. As a defensive coach, anything that we can do to make it more difficult for the opposing team’s offense helps. The Rage Cage is representative of our school and we need them to show out this Friday especially.” 


Paul Gates (Sr. OL):

“The energy from the cage pulsates in the veins of the players. There is no comparison to the energy the team feeds off of than the rage cage. The team is motivated by the student body and the team performs at a much higher level when the cage is packed.”


Ben Marks (Sr. MLB):

“Personally, walking out of the locker room each game and seeing the stands filled with fans will always be one of my favorite things to do.  I think for our team it brings energy (we call ‘JUICE’) to the environment and shows how much support is behind us.”


Justin Walsh (Sr. RB): 

“Having a packed Rage Cage gives our team a huge advantage. We love coming out and playing in front of a lot of people. The more the better. We use a huge crowd to our advantage and we enjoy the rage cage cheers. When we are down and need some life the Rage Cage always picks us up and gets us moving again. A packed Rage Cage helps the team in so many ways and we would love guys in the Cage Friday night!!!”



Luke Napier


When the Tigers run out on the field this Friday, it is our duty to make sure the stadium is rocking. As the students and men of St. X, we have been called to support our brothers on their quest for a state championship. We all know that Manual will bring a massive number of students — they will be loud and they will bring the energy. Let’s not just match them, let’s surpass them. Lets defend our home turf and Pack the Cage Friday night. 


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