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Doyle’s Distinguished Photography

November 18, 2021

Any person with a true passion remembers where he started. Passions may stem from sports or different hobbies, but they all have a commonality: there is a beginning. Senior Henry Doyle, a distinguished young photographer, found his passion for photography at the start of his high school career.


“I got into photography my freshman year of high school. I was previously interested in video production and got a little video camera for Christmas that also happens to take photos,” Doyle said. “Once I discovered these photo features I became pretty obsessed with learning everything I could about using a camera and creating great images.”

(Henry Doyle)


With any passion, there is often some type of factor that keeps the person intrigued and promotes growth. For Doyle, it’s the creative expression within the field of photography that drives and calms him at the same time.


“Photography is truly the most relaxing thing I have ever done. When I am outside taking photos, my mind is completely clear, allowing me to focus on making art,” Doyle said. “I have always been a creative person, but never had a way to express it until I discovered the camera.”


In a field such as photography, elements of marketing and communication are required in order to get one’s art out there. Doyle has been very proficient with his utilization of social media, allowing many great opportunities to arise.


“I was lucky enough to be able to connect with many professional photographers on social media like Instagram and YouTube, who recognized my work and mentioned my names to many photography organizations,” Doyle said. “I put a lot of work into marketing my photos online and take all the opportunities that come my way whether they be presentations, print sales, or article writing.”


One specific opportunity came when he was sponsored by Hunt’s Photo and Video, an East Coast based camera store. This sponsorship will afford him the luxury of traveling for his craft and being amongst some of the best in his field.


“One of the coolest ones they gave me is the opportunity to go on a young photographer’s retreat to the Everglades in Florida,” Doyle said. “It will be a pure week of nature photography, with free equipment, and two reputable professionals going with us. Out of a list of about 100 young photographers, I was chosen for a group of five so I am very excited and honored that I was chosen.”


(Henry Doyle)


Doyle’s passion for photography comes from his love for nature, he enjoys anything to do with the beauty of the outdoors.


“I have always loved nature since a young age, whether it be hiking, climbing trees, and many other outdoor activities,” Doyle said. “Nature was already a passion of mine, and once I discovered the ability to take pictures of it, my love for nature was only heightened. I now spend many hours a week outdoors, not just taking pictures, but learning all that I can about the world around me.”


Doyle plans to one day take his photography to the next level. He’s already been getting a lot of recognition within the industry, working with professionals and different companies alike. He will continue to focus on his photography in order to pursue the career that he loves.


“Eventually I would like to be a professional nature photographer. I am still going to go to college and get a traditional degree, but at the same time I want to continue to build my nature photography business,” Doyle said. “I want to continue to do online presentations and hopefully grow a sizable list of clubs and organizations to present for. I already work with many camera gear companies, but I want to look towards possibly becoming a brand ambassador for some of these companies. Hopefully one day, I will be able to expand my skills enough to take people to photography workshops in beautiful locations around the world.”


(Henry Doyle)



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