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5 Reasons Why The Masters is the GOAT Golf Tournament

Davis Nichols
Students huddling around the Thursday featured groups during class

It’s Thursday, not just any Thursday, it’s a Masters Thursday. If you’re not familiar with April’s greatest sporting event, I’m here to tell you a little about it and why it absolutely rocks. Here are my top five reasons why the Masters is the GOAT golf tournament.

5. The Green Jacket

If you’re lucky enough to take home this single-breasted, center-vented, verdant green blazer, then you get the privilege to stunt this bad boy wherever you want. In a lot of sports, you might get a trophy, a cup perhaps, or maybe even a ring, but none of those compare to the iconic green blazer. If I see someone in public with a green jacket, I know that person is better than me without even seeing their swing.

4. Tiger Woods

I may be slightly affected by recency bias with this pick but either way, when Tiger Woods is wearing a red polo and black pants on a Sunday, call your buddies and tell them to calm down. The Big Cat has cooked up a surplus of legendary moments at Augusta National, but the signature fist pump after his 1997 victory — iconic.

3. Georgia On My Mind

If you’re not familiar with this absolute banger then you probably don’t know the Masters. I’m not sure what Ray Charles’ intentions were when he recorded this masterpiece (no pun intended), but I do know that this song nearly brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it in early January on the commercials. An anthem that is coming in at number three.

2. Tradition

The tradition of the Masters is simply untouched (not even by phones). Whether it’s the green painted dead grass spots, the quartz sand traps, the fake bird noises, or even the fact that you can’t spot a leaf on the ground in any given broadcast, it’s a tradition unrivaled. The whole experience surrounding the Masters just feels like a dream and when you wake up from that dream on Sunday evening, it feels like the best dream that you’ve had in your life.

1. Augusta National

Simply put, without Augusta National, there is no Masters. Augusta National is far from straightforward; on nearly every hole there are unique ways to approach all of them. For that, we have the illustrious groundskeepers of the course to thank. These professionals freeze the flowers so they bloom at just the right time and it’s nearly a guarantee that the grass is going to be just the right height and health when April comes. Augusta National–it’s the stuff of fantasies.

Do you like golf? Who cares! Tune in this weekend and watch magic unfold.

About the Contributor
Davis Nichols
Davis Nichols, Staff Writer
Davis Nichols is a part time ultimate frisbee legend and full-time hockey player. Ever heard of Wayne Gretzky? Davis isn’t that good, but he is pretty good. Davis also partakes in catching hogs (really big fish) in ponds. L’s Up.
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