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Week 3 Intramural Basketball Rankings


Heading into the final week of league play, the rankings continue to change. Some teams are getting stronger, while others are slowly declining. I can’t wait to see how it all plays out!

# 1 Team Yates (3-0)

Staying at number 1 this week is Team Yates with a solid win against Team Mayer without two of their starters this weekend. It shows the true depth of talent. 

# 2 Team Klein (3-0)

Team Klein stays in the two spots after a bye week. They have shown they are a top team in this league, and there is no reason to move them up or down this week. 

# 3 Team Davis (2-1)*

With the matchup of the week this weekend there was a lot on the line. With Team Jackson not having enough players this week, Team Davis gets the “win.” They deserve this spot as they have only one loss to Team Klein, and the team in the three spot dropping a game this week. 

# 4 Team Barry (2-1)

Team Barry has shown great improvements. They beat the #3 Team England, and showed they are real contenders in this league. 

# 5 Team Jackson (2-2)

Although a very talented team, they have shown that they aren’t fully committed to the game of Intramural Basketball. They had to forfeit their game this week against Team Davis, which shows they aren’t fully committed to the game. 

# 6 Team England (0-3)

Team England had to drop 3 spots this week after another loss. This time they lost to Team Barry who has really shown improvements. They are starting to look like either a very big dark horse team or maybe being frauds. 

# 7 Team Buse (2-1) 

Team Buse dropped a spot this week. Although they are winning, it’s against weaker teams. They are showing that they can get the job done, but need to win against stronger teams to rise in the rankings. 

# 8 Team Mayer (0-3) 

Mayer showed some great fight this weekend, with a loss by less than double digits. They showed heart without some of their best players not in attendance for the game. They are still looking to win their first game. 

# 9 Team Pinkerton (0-3) 

With a loss to Team Buse this week, Team Pinkerton remains at the bottom of the rankings. Like Team Mayer, they are also in need of their first win. This team needs to prove something before they move up in the rankings. 

Matchup of the Week: #3 Davis vs #6 England

This is a matchup that could massively change the rankings going into the playoffs. Watch out for a potential upset in this doozie. 

About the Contributor
Joe Karem, Staff Writer
Joe is a senior at St. X. He loves hanging with the fellas. He is a 3x intramural basketball champ and a 1x intramural flag football champ. Joe is a massive U of L fan. He believes Lamar is the greatest player of all time.  
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