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Faculty Who Were College Athletes

When walking the halls of St. X, it’s nearly impossible not to have an interaction with one of our many faculty members. It’s easy to tell that these people studied in college, worked hard, and received various degrees to become some of the best educators in the state. However, known to few, some of these men and women did much more than just study in their college days. Here are the former star athletes passing by each day when you walk the halls of St. X.

In alphabetical order:

Coach Brown – Football (Louisville – Punter)

Coach Bruner – Football (Kentucky Wesleyan – Safety)

Coach Bruner #4 in his Kentucky Wesleyan uniform (Photo courtesy of Coach Bruner)

Coach Cottrell – Baseball (Bellarmine – Pitcher)

Mr. Crider – Cross Country, Track & Field (Chattanooga)

Former Chattanooga runner, Mr. Crider, during a race (Photo courtesy of Mr. Crider)

Mr. Durbin – Soccer (Spalding University – Goalie)

Mr. Durbin approaching the soccer ball (Photo courtesy of Mr. Durbin)

Coach Frank – Lacrosse (Connecticut College – Attack/Midfield)

Coach Frank (#14) and teammates at Connecticut College (Photo courtesy of Coach Frank)

Coach Gold – Wrestling (Gettysburg College – Weight Classes: 158, 167, 177, 190, Hwt)

Coach Gold posing with his game face (Photo courtesy of Coach Gold)

Mr. Hilbert – Baseball (Centre – SS and everything but catcher)

Mr. Hilbert smiling in his Centre baseball uniform (Photo courtesy of Mr. Hilbert)

Mr. Horton – Cross Country, Track & Field (Bellarmine)

Mr. Horton ahead of the pack during a race (Photo courtesy of Mr. Horton)

Mrs. King – Soccer (Bellarmine – Center Midfield)

Mrs. King launching a soccer ball down the field (Photo courtesy of Mrs. King)

Coach Klein – Basketball (Hanover College – Point Guard)

Coach Klein (#14) and team at Hanover College (Photo courtesy of Coach Klein)

Coach Knable – Wrestling (Indiana – 149 lbs.)

Mr. Kresse – Wrestling (Loras College – 118 lbs.)

Coach Larkin – Swimming (Transylvania University)

Coach Larkin (back middle) and teammates at Transylvania (Photo courtesy of Coach Larkin)

Mrs. Logsdon – Field Hockey (Indiana – Center Halfback)

Mrs. Logsdon and team at Indiana University (Photo courtesy of Mrs. Logsdon)

Coach Lyons – Football (Kentucky Wesleyan – Safety)

Mr. Mullin – Football (Georgetown College – Linebacker/Defensive Lineman)

Mr. Noe – Cross Country, Track & Field (Hanover College)

Coach Riddle – Football (Kentucky – Offensive Lineman)

Ms. Sample – Basketball (Bellarmine – Point/Shooting Guard)

Coach Schulten – Soccer, Swimming (Centre College)

Mr. Stemle – Baseball (Kentucky Wesleyan – Second Base)

Mr. Stemle throwing out a runner during a game (Photo courtesy of Mr. Stemle)

Coach Tronzo – Football (Louisville – Fullback)

Ms. Tucker – Cheerleading (Murray State)

Ms. Tucker posing for a picture in her cheerleading uniform (Photo courtesy of Ms. Tucker)

Coach Yochum – Cross Country (Bellarmine)














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Griffin Mattingly, Staff Writer

Griffin, a current senior, is the last of five Mattingly brothers to come through St. X. He pays the bills by scooping ice cream at Graeter's and caddying at Valhalla Golf Club. In his free time, you can catch Griffin making fools of people on intramural and intermediate basketball courts, waving goodbye to sad Louisville fans as they exit Kroger Field, or getting up to other shenanigans. Griffin listens to Chris Stapleton, makes some mean scrambled eggs, and once had 13 fidget spinners.

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