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Week 1 Top 5 Intramural Basketball Rankings

Team Yates celebrates after the Intramural Championship. (JR West)

The greatest event in the history of St. X sports: Intramural Basketball. This is where all the washed up, wannabe, try-hards show up to show off their grade school basketball skills. A place where only the best of athletes have what it takes to win a title. I’m someone who has been around the game for a long time, and I am familiar with all the teams, making me the best person to rank these teams.

#5 Team England (0-1)

This team had a great performance this week against Team Klein, they deserve a top 5 ranking. Shooting the ball at a high percentage from three, they were able to take Team Klein down to the wire, and unfortunately lost on a last second shot. There’s a lot of hope and future success coming for this team. Watch out for them.

#4 Team Jackson (0-1)

Although Team Jackson started the season off with a loss, they are a great team with a lot of great players. They have lots of height and strength on their roster which is hard to come by in this league. Their big man, Ashton Jones, scored 30 points this week. They are a team you don’t want to see late in the season.

#3 Team Davis (1-0)

Team Davis is a team that made some great improvements in the offseason. Picking up the former St X. Basketball players Jack Wheeler, Trey Mozzali, and Reece Mozzali, Cooper Brown, and Griffin Mattingly, as well as some other athletes, this team is new and improved. Winning in a blowout this weekend, they showed that they are a team that is here to stay.

#2 Team Klein (2-0)

Team Klein started off league play with a double-header this weekend. Winning off of a buzzer beater in one game and then a blowout in the next, they showed the strength of their team. They did this without their new star they signed this off season, the 6’4, 260 pound behemoth Hamilton Atkins. Watch out for this team as they progress, and try to beat the team that they’ve lost to for years known as Team Yates.

#1 Team Yates (1-0)

Finally, in the number 1 spot we have the infamous Team Yates. This is a ball club that hasn’t lost in its entirety of intramural high school basketball. They’ve been playing together since sophomore year, (freshman year was the COVID year) and their chemistry is unmatched. They are a two-time champion with an undefeated record. Every team is looking to knock off the King.

Sleeper Team of the Week: Team Barry (1-0)

The sleeper team of the week that is on the rise is Team Barry. After beating Team Jackson who is a tough team to beat, they are a squad that the rest of the league needs to look out for. If they continue this success, they will be a dark horse this playoff season.

About the Contributor
Joe Karem, Staff Writer
Joe is a senior at St. X. He loves hanging with the fellas. He is a 3x intramural basketball champ and a 1x intramural flag football champ. Joe is a massive U of L fan. He believes Lamar is the greatest player of all time.  
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