Tiger Mentor talking to his little brother (Photo courtesy of Bisig Impact Group)
Tiger Mentor talking to his little brother (Photo courtesy of Bisig Impact Group)

Tiger Mentor Program: Building the Brotherhood

The recently created Tiger Mentors program is one of the most influential offered at St. X, as freshmen are able to adjust to the rigors of this prestigious school from upperclassmen who get the opportunity to develop as leaders and show them the ropes. Mr. Kyle Yochum, Mr. Ben Cottrell, and Mr. Mike Glaser have spearheaded this program and truly believe in its benefits for the success of not only the freshman, but also for the junior and senior leaders as well. 

“The Tiger Mentor program is our school’s attempt to help young guys acclimate to the culture of St. X,” Yochum said. “Upperclassmen can help their younger peers understand the reality of St. X better than any adult can.”

The adjustment into high school may be difficult for some, and this program enables upperclassmen to grow as leaders and help with any challenges their freshmen may face. 

“St. X requires a tremendous adjustment and Tiger Mentors was created to help these new Tigers make that adjustment as quickly and smoothly as possible,” Cottrell said. “The more comfortable and confident a student can be at St. X, the more likely he is to succeed.” 

This program is extremely beneficial for the freshman class, as it allows them to become involved in many different activities and expand their horizons to new heights. 

“Freshmen are given great academic advice, invited to school events and service projects, get to go to Mass with their mentor, and, perhaps most valuable, they have access to a trusted and caring resource,” Cottrell said. 

(Photo Courtesy of Ben Cottrell)

Freshman Luke Selvaggi and junior Liam Whelan have developed a great relationship through this program and have demonstrated a great example of continuing on the brotherhood to the next wave of Tigers. 

“I’ve gained a new responsibility this year through this program that I didn’t have before,” Whelan said. “I can pass on the tradition of what St. X is by promoting an example of what brotherhood is, showing that this is truly the best place to be.”

(Photo Courtesy of Ben Cottrell)

“[Liam] has made a difference for me in adjusting to high school by helping me get into the hang of things at St. X,” Selvaggi said. “It’s much different than grade school and he has helped me by answering any questions I have had.”

The leaders believe that it can be one of the most beneficial programs offered for freshmen as the tradition of St. X continues to be passed down and the brotherhood will only continue to get stronger. This program truly embodies the concept of brotherhood that is exemplified every day throughout the school building and out in the community. 

“St. X and Xaverian education is about helping others, and this is the foundation of the program,” Glaser said. “At St. X, every decision and every program is made to help our students and this is one of the programs that makes St. X DIFFERENT!”

The mission of St. X is continuing to flourish within the school walls, and this program is one of the many platforms that make this brotherhood unique. 

Photo by Bisig Impact Group
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