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Students Participate in the Annual International Christmas Dinner

Photo Courtesy of Letty Tapia
Culinary Club members are ready to serve the guests at the International Dinner

The St. X World Language students partnered with the Culinary Club for the annual International Dinner. This was a great opportunity for students to come together and celebrate the three world languages offered at our school.

The event consisted of a tasting of various international dishes and a karaoke session to finish out the evening. The Culinary Club, led by various students in world language classes, prepared the meal for the dinner.

St. X Culinary Club members preparing spätzle for the International Dinner (Photo Courtesy of Letty Tapia)

The meal consisted of a traditional Spanish Pozole, a German bratwurst with spätzle, and Parisian hot chocolate with palmiers. Senior Ethan Bass participated in the international dinner and enjoyed the various cultural dishes and singing songs with his classmates.

“My favorite part was singing karaoke because learning a language for several years and being able to sing songs in that language is fun,” Bass said. “It was a great way to get involved with the dinner and the language you’re learning in a different manner.”

The dishes served at the international dinner included Bratwurst, Spätzle, Palmiers, and Parisian Hot Chocolate (R-L). (Photo Courtesy of Letty Tapia)

The international dinner was a great way for students to learn about world language cultured in a fun, engaging, and tasty way.

“The International Dinner makes learning a world language more enjoyable because you get the opportunity to experience part of the culture from the language you’re studying,” Bass said. “Instead of just seeing pictures of Spanish food from class, I actually got to eat the Pozole in real life which makes learning the culture and the language more fun.”

The international dinner was a great opportunity for students to try cultural dishes and practice world language speaking through karaoke. This annual event was a success and will continue for years to come.

St. X culinary club members preparing French Palmiers (Photo Courtesy of Letty Tapia)
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