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From the Other Sideline with The ECHO’s Chaz Kapfhammer

Photo courtesy of Bisig Impact Group

Ahead of the second round playoff matchup, Xavier News’ Cam Marks partnered with The ECHO’s Chaz Kapfhammer to give a game preview…

What must each team do to win on offense?

Cam: St. X has to play with tempo, push the ball down the field with pace, and wear the Trinity defense out. The Tigers have speed to their advantage and have to be able to utilize it in space and give the playmakers opportunities to make plays. Trinity loves to blitz the linebackers and leave the DBs in man coverage with the wide receivers. If the offensive line can handle the pressure and recognize blitz packages, utilizing speed and tempo could result in big plays and force the Shamrock defense to respect the pass game, allowing the run game to take advantage of the lack of emphasis on the running backs.

Chaz: Trinity and St. Xavier have both played intense schedules, which have shown some strengths and weaknesses in both teams. Trinity has thrived on defense and offense and it’s shown through the stats. Trinity is currently placed at 12 in 6A football for passing yards but where the team really shines is in its gap runs and short screen passes. Trinity as a team has put up a total of 359 points this season averaging 32.6 points per game. The leading offensive force of this team comes from freshman QB Zane Johnson and senior RB Clint Sansbury.

On defense?

Cam: On defense, the Tigers HAVE to generate pressure with the front four. The pocket has to collapse quick on the freshman QB, and the linebackers have to fly to the ball once he rolls out. The less time he has to make plays, the more likely he is to force the ball into spots where we can force turnovers. The Tigers also have to get off the field on third down. Trinity’s ability to sustain drives and control the clock will play a huge factor on the outcome on the game, and the Tigers have to force the issue to not allow that to happen.

Chaz: Trinity thrives on the defensive side of the ball. Trinity has allowed 930 rushing yards on the season, which is fourth lowest in KHSAA. Also, leading 6A in total sacks with 37. Trinity must stay level-headed and composed, allowing themselves time to make correct decisions. Trinity is well-rounded in all areas, with a good mix of upperclassmen and underclassmen talent. When it comes down to it, Trinity is great at the fundamentals, which allows them to be available to take risks in situations.

Who are the impact players?

Cam: On offense, the impact player is TA12 (Thomas Andriole). Making his 2nd career start in hostile territory, Andriole will play a very important role in a Tiger victory with the way he will be able to handle the environment, rally the troops, and make plays with his arms and his legs. On defense, the unsung hero of the team, Jacob Buehner, is the impact player. “JBeans,” as his teammates call him, is the quiet anchor of the linebacking corps. Not only will the senior rookie look to make an impact in coverage, but he is assigned with the tall task of stopping the running game spearheaded by his 8th grade backfield mate, Clint Sansbury. Look for JBeans to be all over the field on Friday night, making plays to help keep the season alive.

Chaz: As a whole the Rocks are well-rounded, with lots of depth at multiple positions. Brady Mcenaney continues to be a force on defense. The DBs have put in the work and the results have shown leadership from all around, has helped freshman like Sekou Kamara step directly into a starting varsity role. You can’t mention Trinity football without mentioning freshman QB Zane Johnson, Zane has earned his role as starter but continues to battle for it with senior Jackson Hepner, Hepner has helped Johnson reach the top of his game. RB Clint Sansbury attributes a lot of the teams success to the “men in the trenches.”

What is the overall vibe around the school for the game? 

Cam: This might be the most rowdy atmosphere in KHSAA history. This matchup has been anticipated since the Tigers got embarrassed in September. Spirits are high, the energy is high, and the Tiger faithful are ready to roar.

Chaz: Electric. With news that tickets have sold out, everyone is excited it’s hard to find a person who isn’t going to be there. Administration is preparing to host and prepare for all of the people on campus. The student body is expected to show out and support the Rocks but knows that the Tigers are going to be looking for a “lick-back.”

Final Score Predictions:

Cam: Tigers avenge their regular season loss and win when it matters on the leg of Logan Zoeller:
31-28 Tigers.

Chaz: Trinity 27-21 in OT.

About the Contributor
Cameron Marks, Staff Writer
Cameron plays baseball for the Tigers. He participates in frequent games of 2-on-2 pickup basketball and has the pick and roll operating skills of a prime Rajon Rondo with the midrange of late career Chris Paul. He also own and operates a soon to be Fortune 500 pressure washing and sealing company. Lastly, he has created a perennial powerhouse of a fantasy football team, with many saying he has the GM skills of Chris Grier in the way he is able to fleece high value players with little-to-no return for the opposing team.
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