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Principal Sample Wins Terrel H. Bell Award


Two weeks ago, our very own Principal, Amy Sample, was honored with the Terrel H. Bell Award for Outstanding Leadership. This award recognizes exceptional school administrators for their vital role in motivating students and institutions to succeed, even in challenging situations.

According to the National Blue Ribbon Schools organization, Terrel H. Bell Award winners have brought about positive changes in school environments. Their visionary and collaborative leadership styles have significantly contributed to the academic, emotional, physical, social, and cultural development of all their students. These school leaders have proven that with effective guidance, competent instruction, and high standards, every student can learn.

Principal Sample envisions St. X as a more inclusive environment, where every student feels valued, motivated, and empowered to reach their full potential. She maintains open communication and an accessible, open-door policy throughout the school.

“She epitomizes the term ‘servant leader’ and serves as a role model for other school leaders,” Dr. Daniel McCue commented.

Sample shows Landon Akers where to go during an awards ceremony (M. Haas)

She initiated the Tiger Tunnel, a student appreciation event where students in academic, creative, and athletic fields are celebrated by walking through a tunnel of cheering classmates. This event occurs once every quarter.

Ms. Sample took over as principal during the final year of the school’s new construction project. Her request to redesign classroom spaces into a learning support center for students with learning challenges and difficulties was approved by the Board. This space became the Viscusi Learning Support Center (VLSC), providing vital resources for students requiring accommodations, assistance, and support. This program has played a crucial role in helping students reach their full potential by providing a centralized hub for support services.

Principal Sample fosters collaboration by actively seeking faculty input and involving them in decision-making processes. She facilitated the formation of a Faculty Council to address school-related concerns and transform suggestions into action.

Under Principal Sample’s leadership, Saint Xavier High School has made significant advancements in various areas. She has spearheaded important improvement initiatives, restructured organizational frameworks, and introduced innovative programs and services that have benefitted both students and faculty. Through her creative approach, she has cultivated an open, engaging, and dynamic learning environment at St. X.

“You won’t find another leader who gives as much of themselves for others as Ms. Sample,” President Paul Colistra said. “She often talks about the Giants of St. X, and she is one of them.”

Ms. Sample speaking to prospective families at Open House (M. Haas)

Congratulations, Ms. Sample!

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